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  1. V.E.G.

    Believe it or not, Wade Michael Page was the 6th cousin thrice removed of Orson Welles movie critic, Francis Bosley Crowther and the 8th cousin once removed of the September 11th hero, Welles Remy Crowther!


    Walter Bosley
    John Bosley-(siblings)-James Bosley
    Joseph Bosley-(1st cousin)-Ezekiel Bosley
    John Bosley-(2nd cousin)-Isaac Walker Bosley
    William Bosley-(3rd cousin)-James Hutchins Bosley
    Fannie Bosley-(4th cousin)-JAMES UFORD BOSLEY
    Frank Bosley Crowther-(5th cousin)-CORA BOSLEY
    Francis Bosley Crowther-(6th cousin)-Mollie Wier
    Jefferson H. Crowther-(7th cousin)-Hazel Roberson
    Welles Remy Crowther-(8th cousin)-Jesse Alvin Page
    Welles Remy Crowther-(8th cousin once removed)-Wade Michael Page

  2. V.E.G.

    Had Wade Michael Page lived, he will be sentenced to six life sentences, because Wisconsin does not have a death penalty.

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