44-D Blogger Bio’s


Barbara O’Brien is a journalist and student of Zen Buddhism currently living in the greater New York City area. Her blogging platform includes health reform, public health, safe workplaces, and asbestos contamination. As well as being a guest contributor at 44-D’s, her columns can also be found on the progressive political and health blogosphere including: Crooks and Liars, AlterNet, Buddhism.About.com and the Mesothelioma and Asbestos Awareness Center. Barbara recently earned notoriety as a panelist at the Netroots Nation and a featured guest blogger at the Take Back America Conference in Washington, DC. Although most of her work as a writer focuses on American politics and health care issues, she has written extensively about religion in America and how it impacts politics and culture on her personal blog, The Mahablog.

Bluedog89 is a lifelong writer living with her harried husband, darling daughter, and an unruly pair of pets in St. Louis, MO. When’s she’s not readin’, writin’, or keepin’ it real, she enjoys the finer things in life: yoga, coz it feels so good; a glass of Riesling simply for no reason at all; and a great escape to an illicit hideaway that only an author, filmmaker, or musician could conjure up. It’s her little peace of heaven on earth… care to join her?

Buellboy is not the average tattooed biker who can rebuild an engine with his eyes closed. This life-long Northern Illinois resident has a knack for writing, and he’s a printer by trade. In the 80’s he had his own local band, The Company, and was skilled at writing music and playing the keyboard, bass, and drums. He is one of those rare individuals that have ‘perfect pitch‘ and often entertains his family with his spot-on impressions. These days, his passions include trolling Wikipedia, attending NHRA events, and looking for the next exotic place to explore.

Kinirae is a very talented artist who will be hosting our new series “44-D’s Photos with Kinirae”. After working in the corporate world for 15 years, she decided to pursue her dreams…she went back to school to learn more in the world of fine arts and art history, and pursue a concentration in photography. Although she is passionate in all mediums of art, her true love is photography and being able to tell stories without words. Her work has been presented on local websites and in private collections nationally. She is a dedicated daughter, sister, aunt, and friend. Kinirae loves to laugh and make others laugh, and desires to make the most out of life, having as much fun as possible along the way.

Libby was born in NYC, grew up in the Midwest, and worked in NYC and Seattle. She has a degree in business from the University of Cincinnati. She has worked in the financial sector in NYC and in management in the travel business in Seattle and Houston. For the past twelve years she has served as an administrator for a scientific laboratory at a private academic institution. Libby is married and has one child who served as a field organizer for the Barack Obama Presidential campaign. She has been a political activist since college and is a life long liberal Democrat. Writing political blog posts is her favorite past time. In addition to posting @ 44-D’s, Libby is a front page writer for Texas Kaos, and also blogs at the Burnt Orange Report.

ShantiShanti is a mother, wife and lover of life. She holds a Master degree in Nursing and is semi-retired. Shanti currently works as a paralegal. Her hobbies include: performing lyrical dance with her husband reciting original poetry, singing, pen & ink drawings, and spiritual journaling.

TheLCster hungers for knowledge! She is a Forensic Psychology graduate student and an avid reader and player of all things comic/gaming related. In this way, she brings a unique perspective to the 44-D’s. She believes that politics and world news shape every citizen and that we should all do our part to stay informed on both a local and global level. TheLCster is a proud resident of Illinois, and also has interests in true crime and outdoor activities including camping, rafting and target practice. She plans on earning her doctorate degree, so expect many more late night posts…


WillieBeyond is a native of Southern Illinois who’s entering into a Graduate program in Economics and Applied Mathematics. He enjoys books, graphic novels, reality TV, movies, technology, games of strategy, and drinking the finest carbonated beverages. Aside from his formal education, WB has also spent ample time attending conventions such as GenCon, Origins, and MacWorld. Essentially, he sees the world as a onion, and likes to peal back the layers…bringing a unique voice to 44D’s.


GeoT is a 5th generation Californian who’s great-great-grandfather was a true “49’er” arriving in California from Mississippi in 1849. Working as a genealogist has sparked a lifelong interest in history, vintage photography, and military memorabilia. He and his sweet wife Mary are living in blissful early retirement on the central coast of California after raising two great sons. In politics GeoT is left of center but always keeps a firm hold on the “center” because that is where most everything of lasting impact gets done. GeoT confesses to voting for John McCain in 2000, buying into the whole “maverick” image… quote: “ah, how naive I was in my early forties” 😉 He maintains that it is still possible to find honest Republicans and conservatives that are worth supporting, though that proposition does seem to be diminishing over time. In 2008 he was a strong supporter and campaign volunteer for Barack Obama and believes that participation in elections doesn’t stop after the results are in, that’s when the hard work begins…


On her maternal side of the family, her earliest ancestors were free people of color, in a line that began in 1705 in Isle of Wright County, Virginia and ultimately founded a small town in Southern Illinois. They proudly fought in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Civil War, and all wars since. The town they founded is one of the oldest settlements in Illinois, and holds the oldest dominantly African-American cemetery in Illinois, which is now a state historical landmark. Members of this small close-knit community helped runaway slaves and indentured servants escape from the saline works and the Old Slave House near Equality, Illinois.

A life-long Illinois Democrat, in Audiegrl’s family, voting was seen as a privilege and not a choice that could be ignored. Active in local politics, she first became aware of President Obama in 2002, when her high school-aged daughter campaigned for him in the Illinois State Senate race. She now lives quietly with her husband of 20 years, who she still proudly calls her best friend. Given Audiegrl’s love of the written word, politics, and all things geek-chic, helping found the 44-D’s was just the next step on life’s path…

ogenec is a lawyer who currently lives in the Washington DC area. Besides politics and public policy, his other interests are reading, music, audiophilia, and driving fast cars. He’s also become addicted to videogames and can be read on 44-D’s extolling the virtues of DJ Hero. But his real loves are his beautiful wife and two daughters. A graduate of Georgetown University, Ogenec reps the blue and grey hard. Hoya!! Saxa!!

Betsy never finished college, after attending for two years, she married Charlie, a career officer in the Air Force who flew gunships in Vietnam. They have three wonderful children: Roger, who is an executive pastry chef, Katrina, who is a trauma nurse and has a baby boy, and Lou our youngest who works for a manufacturing company in Colorado Springs. He has two children, Laci, 16 and Jordan 14. Bets enjoys politics, knitting, and her dogs who they used to show. She loves romantic comedy movies and is an avid reader. Besides dogs they also have two African Grey parrots and a Sun Conure. The Greys are great talkers and keep Bets and Charlie laughing…

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