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Arkansas players ends game with noble gesture

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This is a feel good story. But the first part of it is a sad story. The player that made the noble gestures shows us that our teenagers are still good kids. I just thought that this was a good story to post because it’s such an unselfish story. Okay, so they were way ahead, still it shows the kind of kids that we have today.

Thamail Morgan took the kickoff and headed up the field.
He was at the 20 … 30 … 40

He had been avoiding, dodging or just simply running through tacklers on the way. Football always had come easily for Morgan. This game was no different. By the time he hit midfield, only open space was ahead of him. The two-time Arkansas all-state selection was headed for a touchdown.

40 … 30 … 20

He glanced at the clock and saw the final seconds ticking away. He realized his team, Cave City, was on the way to a victory over Yellville-Summit, comfortably ahead, 34-16. He also realized two other things: This wasn’t an ordinary game. And he wasn’t the same Thamail Morgan.

When he reached the 2, he stopped. He took a few steps back and took a knee at the 5-yard line.

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