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Al Franken To Hold Fundraiser Featuring Fellow Saturday Night Live Veterans

Posted by: Audiegrl

Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) is set to reunite with some fellow Saturday Night Live veterans at a Democratic fundraiser this weekend in Los Angeles.

The event, taking place at the renowned House of Blues, will be hosted by Dan Aykroyd and his wife Donna, who are expected to be joined by former SNL regulars Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports.

Proceeds from the first reception — which will cost between $2,400 and $4,800 a person — will go to “Franken MVPs,” a new PAC that splits donations between Franken’s personal 2014 Senate reelection campaign and other leadership PACs, the Tribune reports.

A less expensive event is also scheduled to take place later in the night, featuring the same notable guests from the entertainment and political world.

Sen. Franken also pulled some strings with his SNL connections last month, when he borrowed “Weekend Update” host Seth Meyers for a Minneapolis fundraiser.

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SNL’s Seth Meyers Slams Arizona’s Immigration Law, Calls It ‘Fascist’

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SNL Gets It Right – Do We Get It?

Posted by Guest Contributor Hail To the Chimp

World leaders are meeting to discuss climate change, there are wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Iran is taking away Nobel Peace Prizes from its citizens, the dollar just had its two month high against the Euro, our President just received a Nobel Peace Prize, the stimulas money is making its rounds in the economy, there is a health care debate still going on, there are still federal departments/agencies under continuing resolutions because Congress has not approriated money for FY2010, the economy is in shambles, the House just passed a questionable bill on financial reform, Guantanamo detainees, energy reform, Cap and Trade is being discussed, genocide is still occurring in Darfur, more children in the US are going hungry everyday, unemployment is between 10-19%, foreclosures are still high,…..

And the list goes on, but if you turn on the tube you would think that none of those issues exist or that there are no good stories on American heroes to report………

Every “news” channel is Tiger all the time. Will his wife leave him, can he redeem himself, what about his endorsements – what about John Doe who has been unemployed for 6 months, Cobra benefits are about to expire, is getting more and more calls from collection agencies, is about to lose his home, has to go to food banks to get food to feed his 3 children, has had his car repossessed, and is about to lose his home.

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SNL gets it right. Why is someone who has no responsibilities to the public being covered while politicians who have broken ethics laws, are hypocrites, and just purely being corrupt not covered? Ensign paid off his mistress’ family, Baucus tried to get his girlfriend to be made a US Attorney and only backed down when a reporter scooped him, several Republicans vote against bills knowing their constituents will still get funding for the earmarks they inserted in the bill, but voted against; governors cover up when they have executed innocent people, spouses’ companies get no-bid federal contracts, Congress cannot pass any bill, lets not forget that pesky lie that led to Iraq war…….

This is beyond just turning off the tv and just relying on blogs, research, and actual reporters. What exactly does the corporate media have to gain with this story, but not covering real issues that impact Americans? Why are the same lightweights on TV – David Gregory, John King do not know anything about the issues. They do not even know how to give rebuttals to the lies and spin that politicians give on their infotainment shows.

The 2008 election was about Bush and what he represented anti-intellectualism. The eight year war on science, math, and all–out critical and analytical thought. Sensationalism has always existed to some extent in the media, but there was always a difference between the National Enquirer and the NY Times. All one has to look at is the “op-ed” that someone wrote for Palin that was one of the top 10 reads for the Washington Post for 2009. Really? An “op-ed” that was a dishonest, non-fact supported rant in hope of getting attention. Surely this country can do better, but do we want to do better.

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Saturday Night Live Skewers Fox News on Election Night

snlbeckelectionnightMedialite/Rachel Sklar—Last night’s Saturday Night Live opened with a sketch spoofing Fox News, its coverage of the election — and, of course, Glenn Beck.

The sketch was loaded with send-ups — Greta Van Susteren by Kristen Wiig, Shep Smith by Bill Hader, Brit Hume by Will Forte, Karl Rove by Bobby Moynihan and Juan Williams by Kenan Thompson — and took aim at assertsions that the election was a referendum on Obama. (Hume: “He had ten months – ten months! – in office, and he could not find time to fix the greatest economic collapse in modern times, or win one of the two wars that he inherited.” Rove: “Let’s not forget that it was under HIS watch that we lost the King of Pop.”) Oh yes, the Fox “panel” also featured Fred Armisen as lone Dem Joe Trippi (the joke being that Trippi was an overlooked, ignored afterthought).

The highlight of the sketch, though, was Jason Sudeikis as Glenn Beck who declared Tuesday’s election “the return of Freedom,” got choked up, and took to the chalkboard to rearrange the letters in Greta’s name. (”A Great” for “A great, great nation” — the joke being that Glenn Beck can’t spell.)

Great, zingy sketch — but my only quibble here is with the glaringly off-note of Shep Smith. Played by the usually spot-on Hader, this version of Shep is inaccurate in that it portrays him as pushing a nakedly partisan agenda, which Smith is well-known precisely for not doing. All told, though, that’s balanced out by Juan Williams’ mustache and Glenn Beck’s hat.

More @ mediaitelogo

SNL’s Spoof of Fox News Election Night Coverage

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The Man Who Should Be Playing Barack Obama on SNL

Posted by Audiegrl

________44-D 1st-Person_________

Crosson holding a newspaper headlining election victory for Barack Obama

Crosson holding a newspaper headlining election victory for Barack Obama

Meet Iman Crosson. He’s an American actor, impressionist, dancer and singer known on various Internet websites under the pseudonym “Alphacat,” and is best known for his impersonations of U.S. President Barack Obama.

During the summer of the 2008 U.S. Presidential election campaign, Crosson came to our attention after winning Denny’s Restaurant’s nationwide contest for the best impressionist of the then-candidate Barack Obama. Obama’s election victory brought recognition for Crosson’s comedy-, vocal-, musical-, and dance-laden video characterizations of a President during national crisis.

Within months of the election, Crosson was featured on numerous entertainment, culture, and news television shows, blogs and newspapers, earning a personal invitation to perform at Aretha Franklin’s March 2009 birthday celebration. Crosson has engagements at corporate events, parts in national commercials, and voice-over parts on Newsweek.com’s The District and on two prime time television shows in production.

Iman Crosson

Iman Crosson

In 44D’s interview with Crosson today, we wanted to know if he had heard from SNL. He replied, “no one has contacted me…. I’d never expect them to. They’re SNL, I doubt they’re worried about internet talent. At least I don’t think…” Although Crosson is being very modest, his youtube fans don’t agree.

The online fans that follow his Alphacat channel are very anxious to see Crosson on SNL. But Crosson explains the difficulty, “I’m not sure if there’s anything to do to get Loren Michael’s attention. I think most of the sketch comedy shows are pretty tightly knit unless you complete a certain set of requirements or fit them at least, you simply aren’t looked at.” When asked for a preview of projects in the future, he tells us, “I have a project coming up for Halloween that you wanna stay tuned for. It’s gonna be insane“.

Finally we asked if President Obama had seen his impression, to which he replied, “I’m not sure, but I like to imagine he has! That would be great.”

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama

When DailyIntel asked Crosson his secret to mastering the president-elect? He replied, “It’s all in the speech patterns and vocal cadences, and a whole lot of uhhs. I’ve learned to lower my register a little bit. He’s very pensive. He puts a lot of thought in what he’s about to say. Sometimes, he’ll highlight a word in a sentence. He might reiterate a word under his breath.”

Says Crosson: “One thing that has been important to me is to make it funny without making it profane or obscene. My ultimate hope is that Obama will see it one day and laugh.”

Atlantic blogger Ta-nehisi Coates weighs in in favor of Crosson too, writing that “you don’t have to be black to do a good impersonation of a black dude. I like Darrell Hammond’s Jesse Jackson a lot more than Keenan Thompson’s Al Sharpton–but you do have to be good. Andrew nominated this cat (Iman Crosson) awhile back.”

Film.com‘s take: “It was one thing to have Armisen portraying Obama when he was a mere candidate, but now that SNL knows that it will need someone to play the 44th president for another four seasons at least, it’s hard to imagine that the show will let this obvious problem area go unaddressed. Armisen is a pro and you can tell he worked at his much-criticized portrayal in the last offseason. He has even gotten some laughs out of his mimicry of Obama’s deliberate speaking patterns. But since anyone who has visited YouTube in the past two years knows that good Obama impersonators aren’t hard to find, why can’t Lorne Michaels see fit to hire one

This video is a spoof of the Jamie Foxx Blame It… video. It includes portrayals of Barack and Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, Rod Blogojevich, and Sarah Palin.

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SNL Mocks Glenn Beck (VIDEO)

via Huff-post
posted by GeoT

During a long (and generally funny) opening sketch, SNL touched on one of the many reasons the president may have chosen to skip Fox on his media tour: Glenn Beck.
Not only did Beck call Obama a racist, but since then has been on a tour of insanity, upping his already nutty game.

Read more at: HuffPost

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“Saturday Night Live Weekend Update” takes on Republicans

Posted by Audiegrl

SNL returns with it’s Thursday night format of Weekend Update. The opening sketch features the Republican’s planning the ‘You Lie” incident, only Joe Wilson leaves to go to the bathroom, and the other Republican’s decide it would look bad if they all shouted. Needless to say, Wilson doesn’t know things changed and he shouts alone. Hi-jinx ensue… Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers are back with a great interview with SNL’s version of James Carville. We need some levity in our politics, things are getting way to nasty. Enjoy. 🙂

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