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Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Repeal Activist Lt. Dan Choi Recalled To Active Duty

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Lt Dan Choi

Lt Dan Choi

In a sign that momentum behind a repeal of the military’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy is having an impact, openly gay U.S. Army National Guard Lieutenant Dan Choi has been recalled to active duty.

Choi, a West Point graduate and trained Arabic linguist, was dismissed from duty in the spring of 2009, because of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.” Since then, he’s been a leading voice for the cessation of the policy.

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White House Plans To Push For Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Repeal

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DADT Repeal: Democrats Move Forward With Plans

Huffington Post/Sam Stein~Congressional negotiators and White House officials are moving forward with plans to add the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell to the upcoming defense authorization bill, Democratic sources tell the Huffington Post.

In Congress, members are being whipped to ensure that the votes will be there for passage, should the legislation be placed in the bill. At this juncture, aides say, the prospects look good. Meanwhile, a source close to the White House says the president has instructed the Defense Department that he believes the repeal of DADT should be placed in the authorization bill.

However, disagreements could emerge when it comes to crafting the actual legislative language, over which Defense Secretary Robert Gates will wield his influence. And at this juncture, few of the offices working on the issue said they were willing to take passage as a fait accompli.

People have said publicly and privately that this is a good place for repeal to be placed,” said one Democratic aide on the Hill. “It would be reasonable to expect that repeal might be in this year’s defense authorization… But we aren’t assuming anything yet.”

Lt. Dan Choi is an Iraq war veteran, Arabic speaker and West Point graduate who is fighting his dismissal from the Army National Guard for violating the military's DADT policy

If repeal of DADT is added to the defense authorization bill, critics of the program will view it as a long-overdue move. The initial law, in which members of the military weren’t asked about their sexuality nor allowed to serve openly, was passed as part of the defense authorization for FY1994. Since then, a delicate balance — which no particular side of the debate appreciated — has been the law of the land. As a result, thousands of military personnel have hidden their sexuality from their superiors and even more have been dismissed for making their sexuality public.


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Texas David Marie Antoinette Dewhurst and Joe Scrooge Straus to the Poor: Eat Dirt

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jim_carrey-scroogeTexas cannot keep up with the demand of those in need of food stamps. According to Lisa Falkenberg of the Houston Chronicle it is taking months to obtain benefits. Folks are growing more desperate by the day.

Meanwhile, Texas isn’t coming close to meeting federal requirements to process food stamp applications within a month. Last month, about 38,000 new applicants were left awaiting approval even though the federal deadline had passed. About one in six applications is processed incorrectly.

Food Stamps are 100% funded by the Federal Government. All Texas has to do is distribute the funds. Unfortunately due to either incompetence, stinginess or cold-hearted contempt for the state’s struggling jobless, Texas is not doing its job.

Does our state legislature care?

No it does not.

Why not?

The Health and Human Services Agency had requested 650 additional employees in order to meet the demand. Think about it. This would mean 650 new jobs in Texas and the potential likelihood of fewer folks in need of Food Stamps. But Republicans are running the state now and we all know how heartless they are when it comes to the poor. Marie Antoinette Dewhurst and Joe Scrooge Straus said NO. In other words: Starve. Eat dirt. Eat out trash cans.

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst

Just last week, the Legislative Budget Board, led by Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and House Speaker Joe Straus, and made up of eight other lawmakers, rejected the agency’s request to hire about 650 workers.

House Speaker Joe Straus

House Speaker Joe Straus

A spokesman for Dewhurst has argued that the denial was temporary, to give officials time to devise a plan to address HHSC’s problems. But lawmakers have had the budget request for months and have been aware of the backlogs since the legislative session that ended in May.

Texas Republicans show us over and over that they are incapable of any empathy whatsoever for the poor. Their efforts in both Austin and in Washington are not targeted on serving the folks they represent. In fact, these lawmakers work against the financial and medical well-being of many of their constituents.

On Saturday 2000 people turned up for free medical treatment in Houston. As we know, Texas has the highest number of uninsured residents. In Harris County (Houston area) 1 in 3 adults have no insurance. Despite these appalling statistics, Kay Bailey Hutchison and John Cornyn work night and day to kill off health care reform.

Marie AntoinetteDavid Marie Antoinette Dewhurst wants to be one of our U.S. Senators one day. Jobless and hungry Texans won’t forget his message to them. Neither will this girl. The vile evil doings of Marie Antoinette put her head on a chopping block. Let’s not put ours on one by voting for any Republicans.

Nor will voters soon forget the Texas Republicans and their relentless efforts at turning this once great state into a third world country.


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