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My Letter to Texas U.S. Senators Hutchison and Cornyn

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To: Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison
Senator John Cornyn

Re: Health Care Reform

I strongly urge you to vote for health care reform that includes a public option.

If a public option is not included in the bill, the health insurance industry will continue to overcharge premiums and deny care to patients. As we know from former Cigna executive, now whistle blower, Wendell Potter, the health insurance industry will continue to make obscene levels of profits, based precisely on denying critical care to very sick and dying patients. It will continue to increase premiums.

We also know from the recent report written by the AHIP that the insurance companies will indeed increase its premiums because insurance doesn’t like what it read in the Baucus bill. This goes to show you how arrogant and appallingly greedy the health insurance industry has become.

We also know from the town hall meetings this past August at which we heard much about “death panels, “killing Granny,” Hitler, and Pol Pot, that many of these rallies were orchestrated by special interests in the health insurance business and groups led by Dick Armey of Freedom Works and Tim Phillips of Americans for Prosperity. In other words, many of those town hall meetings were merely staged events to misinform people and foment fear among seniors.

Despite what conservatives like you believe, or say you believe, a public option will not be a government takeover of the health care industry. On the contrary, a public option will introduce competition into a field that has become a solid monopoly. Competition will ensure that prices will decrease and will make health insurance more affordable for American families. I find it ironic really, that conservatives are now against competition.

I also find it troubling and disingenuous that some members of Congress do not believe their constituents deserve the same health care coverage that most if not all members enjoy in Congress. Your coverage, Senators, is the best taxpayer funded government run socialist health care that is affordable. According to a recent ABC news report, members of Congress pay $500.00 per year for the best health care taxpayer money can buy.

The insurance picture is especially grim, if not desperate, in Texas.

• One in four Texans is uninsured, the highest rate of uninsured in the country.
• Texas ranks 51 in access to care in the 50 states and the District of Columbia.
• In the past five years, Texans saw insurance premiums jump 40 percent. That is 10 times faster that the increase in Texans’ income.
• Texans pay the third highest premiums in the country.
• In Texas, we pay more, for less. The Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research rates the quality of health care in Texas as “weak,” in comparison to other states.
• Texas businesses and families shoulder the hidden tax of roughly $1,800 per year on premiums as a direct result of subsidizing the costs of the uninsured.
• Health care costs are the number one cause of bankruptcy in America.

Recent polls show that the majority of the American people want a public option included in health care reform. All Texans want affordable health insurance, too. We want competition. We want choices and we want affordability.

The uninsured have every right to access. They also have every right to access they can afford. All must have health insurance or a plan that will protect them from bankruptcy.

At the very least, the United States should give its residents what every other industrialized first world nation offers to its people. None other than we the American people have to suffer and die under a reprehensible practice called death by the spreadsheets.

Sincerely yours,


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Congress: We Want Top Notch Health Coverage for $40 Too.

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Sens. Cornyn and Hutchinson

Sen's. Cornyn and Hutchinson

As my fearless elected leaders, TX Senators Cornyn and Hutchison work day in and day out to kill off meaningful healthcare reform, more and more of their constituents continue to lose jobs.

When most folks lose jobs they also lose health insurance. But my Senators don’t care because they have the best health coverage that tax payer money can buy. As long as they are covered, let their constituents be damned. And many are summarily sent off to suffer from diseases or die early because finding affordable health insurance is next to impossible in the U.S.

Thanks to former Cigna executive, Wendall Potter, we know how the insurance companies pull off $13 billion, that would be billion in profits per year. The insurance industry also has $1.4 million a day to burn on killing health care reform efforts.

So, how does the industry realize such awesome profits?

Who would have thought?

Deny care. Hand out death sentences.

Senators Scrooge Cornyn and Marie Antoinette Hutchison obviously have no intention of letting their sugar daddies down.

Die baby die. Suffer baby, suffer. We don’t care.

This is the song Texans listen to 24/7. Sadly, many are willingly misled by their representatives who have no intention of working on their behalf.

As we know taxpayers fund the salaries and benefits of our elected leaders. The benefits include health care coverage for lawmakers and their families.

Today ABC News reported on the best health care that taxpayer money can buy at a very low cost:

Capitol Building

Capitol Building

This fall while members of Congress toil in the U.S. Capitol, working to decide how or even whether to reform the country’s health care system, one floor below them an elaborate Navy medical clinic — described by those who have seen it as something akin to a modern community hospital — will be standing by, on-call and ready to provide Congress with some of the country’s best and most efficient government-run health care.

Members of Congress do not have to wait to be treated.

“A member walked in and was generally walked right back into a physician’s office. They get good care. They are not rushed. They are examined thoroughly,” said Eduardo Balbona, an internist in Jacksonville, Fa., who worked as a staff physician in the OAP from 1993 to 1995.

“You have time to spend to get to know your patients and think about them and really think about how you preserve their health going forward,” Balbona said. “We’re not there to put on Band-Aids. We were there to make sure that everything possible that could be done [is done] to preserve that member of Congress.”

Congress members are treated at the best hospitals in the area such as Johns Hopkins and the Cleveland Clinic. Specialists are brought to the Capitol, often at no charge to the member.

Sources said when specialists are needed, they are brought to the Capitol, often at no charge to members of Congress.

“If you had, for example, prostate cancer, you would go to one of the centers of excellence for the country, which would be Johns Hopkins. If you had coronary artery disease, we would engage specialists at the Cleveland Clinic. You would go to the best care in the country. And, for the most part, nobody asked what your insurance was,” Balbona said. (source: Special Health Care for Congress: Lawmakers’ Health Care Perks

Congress members pay $503. a year. for the best health care in the U.S.

Members of Congress do not pay for the individual services they receive at the OAP, nor do they submit claims through their federal employee health insurance policies. Instead, members pay a flat, annual fee of $503 for all the care they receive. The rest of the cost of their care, sources said, is subsidized by taxpayers.

All of that for a little over $40.00 per month.

In other words, Congress members do get the very best of the best for very little.

From ABC: Kyle Anderson, a spokesman for the House Committee on Administration said members of Congress are treated by specialists from military hospitals who visit the OAP at no charge. Congressmen are also eligible for free out-patient care at military facilities in the Washington, D.C., area, including Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Bethesda Naval Medical Center.

One member of Congress has an ethical backbone and had the integrity to turn down his taxpayer funded coverage. He said if his constituents could not have the same, he did not want it for himself. Imagine that.

From ABC:

Rep. Steve Kagen (D-WA)

Rep. Steve Kagen (D-WI)

Rep. Steve Kagen of Wisconsin — one of 15 medical doctors in Congress — is the only member of either the House or Senate who has no health insurance coverage. Kagen, a Democrat and advocate for health care reform, said he turned down the plan he was offered through the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program.

“I said, ‘I’ll tell you what. I respectfully decline. Until you can make the same offer to everyone that I have the honor of representing, I just don’t think it’s fair,” Kagen said he told the congressional staffer who reviewed the plan with him in 2006.

All members of Congress should do the same. Get us what you have, Senators, or give up yours.

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