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Time Warner Selling Magazine Unit

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Reuters/Jessica Wohl & Sandra Maler—Time Warner Inc will eventually sell the Time Inc magazine unit and could buy holdings in its core entertainment category, Gordon Crawford, managing director of its largest shareholder, said during a presentation this week.

“Time Warner just spun off their cable division, they are going to sell their print division, they are going to spin off AOL and they’re just going to be Warner Brothers, HBO and the Turner Networks,” said Crawford, managing director of The Capital Group.

Time Warner Building in NYC (Photo Credit: Audiegrl)

Time Warner Building in NYC (Photo Credit: Audiegrl)

“Now, they will make acquisitions … but they’re probably going to buy just stuff in their wheel house of those businesses. They’re not going to, I don’t think, go very far afield from their core competency.”

Crawford made the comments during a September 24 discussion at University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication entitled “The Art of the Long View: The Media Company of 2020.”

Time Warner declined to comment on Saturday.

Time Inc’s magazines include popular titles such as People and Sports Illustrated. In the second quarter, revenue at Time Inc publishing, the largest U.S. magazine publisher, fell 22 percent to $915 million due to a 26 percent decline in advertising revenue.

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How the Obama’s Spent their Summer Vacation

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I’m glad that the First Family got to spend some quality time with each other this summer. Although President Obama only took two weeks of vacation time since inauguration, the Right seems to be offended that he took any time off at all. Seems like the Right is trying to rewrite history (and not just in Texas classrooms), if they get a chance they should google how much time President Bush spent away from the White House. Hey, I’ll even be glad to make it simple for them.

“President Bush spent 879 days at his ranch in Crawford, Texas, since the Supreme Court, in all its great wisdom, elevated him to the presidency. This according to NPR’s “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me,” which noted that Bush broke former President Reagan’s record for taking vacations from the White House.”

So now that we have the facts straight, lets all enjoy the pictures and have a great Labor Day weekend!


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