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“South Park” Takes On Glenn Beck: Cartman Leads Campaign Against “Communist” President

Posted by TheLCster

IFilterShop XMP Edit Toolkit evaluationEric Cartman is the new Glenn Beck. Last night on “South Park” the chubby youngster took over morning announcements and turned them from standard bullet points into long screeds about the student class president. Turns out Eric hates her and as a result devotes all his time to creating and promoting crazy conspiracy theories about her time in office. Sound familiar?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Glenn Beck’s Radio Webcam Reaction To South Park’s Cartman Turning Into Him


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Leaked Footage Of President Obama’s Video Address To Our School Children

Posted by Audiegrl
One of our White House operatives has just handed us some extraordinary leaked footage of President Obama’s speech to the nation’s school children. We wanted to get this out to 44D’ers everywhere as soon as possible.

Please send your children and pets out of the room before viewing this extremely disturbing footage. This is also NSFW.

Legalese: The44Diaries will not be held responsible for any personal injury, lose or damage to yourself, or your property during the viewing of this video.


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The Public Plan Explained in 1.2.3.

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The following video is from a diary on DKos written by tunesmith. It’s being highlighted here, because it’s a simple and easily understood explanation for the need of a Public Plan. Please feel free to send this video to people you know, who can help us pass Health Care Reform. It can also be used to counter silly anti-healthcare arguments. You know like ‘keep the government’s hands off my Medicare’ 😉

This video needs to go viral.

This video was Written and Animated by Andy Lubershane


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