First Lady Michelle Obama Arrives In Mexico

Posted by: Audiegrl

Tuesday evening, First Lady Michelle Obama arrived at Benito Juarez International Airport in Mexico City on her first solo visit to the country as first lady.

Today Mrs. Obama will start her day by traveling to Los Pinos – the residence of President Calderón and Mrs. Zavala – where she will meet privately with Mrs. Zavala.

Mrs. Obama is spending Wednesday and Thursday in the capital of Mexico City on a visit that is part goodwill tour and in part to roll out an international agenda centered on engaging young people around the world.

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6 responses to “First Lady Michelle Obama Arrives In Mexico

  1. Dannie22

    Love that dress !!!! I’m getting one of those dresses !! Believe that !!!

  2. spirit_55z

    Damn! FLOTUS just bounced down those plane steps.

    The dress is gorgeous.

    • chari

      where can i purchase the white suit she wore at the breakfast she had in mexico? i love that suit!!!
      who is the designer??

  3. Paul

    What an intelligent, beautiful woman. She brings a grace and dignity to the office of First Lady we haven’t seen for years. Her message of hope to the young people of the world couldn’t come at a better time.

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