President Obama Signs Health Care Abortion Ban Executive Order

Posted by: TheLCster

President Obama signed an executive order on Wednesday to reaffirm that the new health law he signed Tuesday will not allow any federal funds for abortion. The White House released a photo of the invitees. The anti-abortion House Democrats, led by Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) (fourth from left), who voted yes on the health bill after Obama pledged to sign the executive order.


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3 responses to “President Obama Signs Health Care Abortion Ban Executive Order

  1. Thanks for the post LC. This should assuage the fears of the Lifers who were anti universal health care because of the abortion issue.

  2. thelcster

    I hope it does… there are many different sides to the argument that I think get pushed under the rug. HOWEVER I accept that some people just want to argue and it doesn’t matter what I post to try to inform! lol

    • That’s what’s sad, LC. We’re trying to inform the public of what’s happenin’ in the world, and in essence trying to start a dialogue to educate each other. Not everyone sees it that way, though, as you said.

      We all have our own opinions, and the right to express them. What bothers me is the manner in which some people choose to voice their opinions. Alas, that ain’t gonna change in our lifetimes. And we young! lol

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