Michelle Obama: First Lady of Comic Books, Volume Two

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ABC/Karen Travers~Mrs. Obama may not have any superpowers in the comic book, but she has does have enough star power to warrant a sequel.

The second installment, “Female Force: Michelle Obama: YEAR ONE,” is scheduled for release on Wednesday. The comic sequel brings the First Lady’s story up to date, starting with her husband’s inauguration last January, and chronicles her transition into the White House .

Even before the first issue on Michelle Obama, we realized we were following a dynamic, continuing portrait of history,” said the publisher of “Female Force,” Bluewater president Darren G. Davis in a statement. “I forsee several more chapters as she creates her own agenda and makes her own mark as a “female force.”

The first edition showcased Mrs. Obama’s biography, starting with her childhood in Chicago’s South side, her years at Princeton, and then her husband’s election to the presidency.

Now avid comic readers can learn more about Mrs. Obama’s first year in the White House: her travels around the world, including her pitch for Chicago’s 2016 Summer Olympics bid and her visit with the Queen of England, and the recent launch of her campaign to end childhood obesity.

It’s been an unpredictable twelve months worthy of its own full-length, full-color comic book chronicle,” writer Robert Schnakenberg said in a statement.

Bluewater said that the first issue of Mrs. Obama’s comic sold out a week before it even hits stores.

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