John Patrick Bedell: Following the Pentagon Shooter’s Trail On-line

Investigated by: Geot and Audiegrl

Bedell Was Arrested in Reno Before the Shooting

John Patrick Bedell Reno booking shot (AP Photo/Washoe County jail via the Reno Gazette Journal)

This undated booking photo provided by the Washoe County jail via the Reno Gazette Journal on Friday, March 5, 2010 shows John Patrick Bedell. He was arrested about a month earlier in Reno for driving under the influence of marijuana and possessing the drug.

During that Feb. 1 arrest by Washoe sheriff’s deputies, John Patrick Bedell did not appear violent or have any weapons, according to a probable cause arrest report. He appeared so intoxicated that he nearly fell over during portions of the sobriety tests he was given. Inside Bedell’s car was a pink drug pipe with marijuana residue and three plastic containers with 2.6 ounches of marijuana, the report said.

On Feb. 5, Bedell posted $2,080 cash bail in Reno on charges of driving under the influence of marijuana and possession of a controlled substance, records show. He was given a March 2 arraignment date in Reno Justice Court and failed to appear.

Bedell’s arrest documents

Pentagon Shooter Had a History of Mental Illness

DMV photo of John Patrick Bedell

DMV photo of John Patrick Bedell

AP~The man who opened fire in front of the Pentagon had a history of mental illness and had become so erratic that his parents reached out to local authorities weeks ago with a warning that he was unstable and might have a gun, authorities said Friday.
John Patrick Bedell was diagnosed as bipolar, or manic depressive, and had been in and out of treatment programs for years. His psychiatrist, J. Michael Nelson, said Bedell tried to self-medicate with marijuana, inadvertently making his symptoms more pronounced.

Without the stabilizing medication, the symptoms of his dis-inhibition, agitation and fearfullness complicated the lack of treatment,” Nelson said.

Pentagon Police Chief Richard Keevill speaks with reporters about a shooting at the Pentagon in Washington, Thursday, March 4, 2010. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

Last evening started out pretty routine, until shortly after 6:40pm when we all heard the horrific news that an unidentified gunman had shot two police officers outside of the Pentagon. Shortly before 8 p.m. Pentagon Police Chief Richard Keevil held an impromptu press conference to answer some of the reporters and the countries questions. He explained to the anxious reporters that a gunman entered the subway entrance of the Pentagon complex and casually reached into his coat (as if reaching for his Pentagon pass), and calmly, with no words, began shooting. He explained that the gunman was attempting to enter the Pentagon complex, and was only stopped by the officers returning fire and gravely injuring the assailant. “The two officers suffered grazing wounds and were being treated in a hospital“, said Cheif Keevill.

Police Say John Patrick Bedell Stayed Calm During Shooting

Keevill said Bedell was “dressed in a suit and gave no indication of hostile intent, a very well-dressed individual. He was very calm, no distress. Walked directly up to the officers and engaged them.”

He also said that he may have uttered something before opening fire, but what he said was unclear at this time.

Bedell drove to Washington, D.C., from California over the past few weeks, Keevill said, adding that police have been able to trace his movements as he made his way. He parked his vehicle in a local garage; it has since been impounded and is being processed.

At 9pm the alleged shooter was identified as 36-year old John Patrick Bedell. That is the point when we decided to do some digital forensic investigating on our own. At 10 pm the Associated Press reported that Bedell had died of his wounds, and that his body had been delivered to Beverly Fields, Chief of Staff of the D.C. Medical Examiner’s Office.

This article is a compilation of what we discovered about John Patrick Bedell, which we shared last night with the Associated Press office in Washington, D.C. In this new digital age, it is virtually impossible not to find some details about a person’s life on the Internet. Posting as J. Patrick Bedell or JPatrick Bedell he left quite a trail to follow…

John Patrick Bedell in custody 2006

John Patrick Bedell in custody 2006

I am determined to see that justice is served in the death of Colonel James Sabow, as a step toward establishing the truth of events such as the September 11 demolitions and institutions such as the coup regime of 1963 that maintains itself in power through the global drug trade, financial corruption, and murder, among other crimes. My work to develop information currency is an effort to create a framework for information management that uses financial markets to create the economic signals (prices) that will effect complex human actions in the real world based on specified information.

“My desire for justice led me to violate what I think is one of the most unjust laws, cannabis prohibition, by growing 16 cannabis plants on my balcony in Irvine, CA from March 2006 to June 2006. (see below)

John Patrick Bedell: Video Capture by GeoT

John Patrick Bedell: Video Capture by GeoT

One desired result of my effort is (will be) billions and billions of carefully cultivated, highly valuable cannabis plants growing throughout the United States with complete security of property. I have posted the image to the right in order to illustrate the use of cannabis as a monetary system using digital financial instruments.

Wikipedia: User:JPatrickBedell

The NYT/AP reports a California based, twice busted marijuana activist behind Pentagon shooting…

John Patrick Bedell: documents from 2006 arrest in Orange County CA for Marijuana cultivation with the intent to sell and resisting arrest

Bedell’s online postings railed against the government’s enforcement of marijuana laws and included links to the his 2006 court case in Orange County, Calif., for cultivating marijuana and resisting and obstructing a arrest. We found the following court records available online:

The People of the State of California vs. John Patrick Bedell
District Attorney Case @06F08252
June 8, 2006

Bedell Speaks on Investment Proposal

Introduction to Information Currency
Uploaded to his YouTube page on October 31, 2006

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Bedell’s Anti-Government Musings
Directions To Freedom, Part One
(click play to listen)

Recorded on November 20, 2006 ~ OPEN SOURCE

Just bragging 🙂 44-D is being used a resource for this story:
ABC News is using our screen capture of Burdell.

and this from Orange County News Network:

“According to law enforcement documents posted by the blog 44-Diaries… “


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23 responses to “John Patrick Bedell: Following the Pentagon Shooter’s Trail On-line

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  3. spirit_55Z

    Great investigative work GeoT ane Audiegrl! While folks sleep and some in the MSM purposefully avoid bringing us truth, y’all are bringing it! Thank you.

    Not surprising this dude had a beef with the government. He had quite the pot operation goin huh?

    • Thank you! It was pretty intense for a while there. I hope that people use the information we found to try to learn from it, and really stop and see the behavioural warning signs around them, usually when someone goes off the deep end like this, there have been many indicators that they are having problems. When they arrested Bedell in 2006, he would not speak to them, was on anti-depressants and ended up going ‘limp’ and they had to carry him out of his house. The officers yesterday did the same thing with him at the Pentagon.

      • I’m the reporter who linked to your post in my own story. Care to share where you found all those police reports? Nice work!

        • Hi Erik,

          Thank you very much for including us in your story. I’ll send you a email in a few minutes.

          We purposely deleted any personal information that was included on the reports, but as a member of the press you’ll get the originals. 🙂

        • Erik,

          Do you happen to know if the address in Irvine is a house or apartment/condo?

          Seems like no-brainier that neighbors would notice 16- 5 ft marijuana plants poking out above the railing….

  4. SouthernGirl2

    GeoT & Audiegrl!

    Great team work, guys! You both rock!

    Janet Napolitano was right from the beginning. There was no need to walk the findings back.

    • spirit_55z

      What a creepy criminal. Let’s just call this dude what he is, a criminal. He and the rest of these wingnuts who want to blame the US government for their ills need to face the fact that their whiteness does not entitle them to jackshit.

      You earn it just like everybody else, and you follow the law.

      • their “whiteness” does not entitle them to jackshit.

        that comment sounds as bad as anything I’ve read on Free Republic. What does his race have to do with anything?


        • spirit_55z

          GeoT, let me be clear on my comment. Bedell would never have gotten his gun out of his wherever the hell he got it before he had a chance to open fire on two Pentagon police if he were black, brown, or wearing a turban.

          Please, and the media and newspapers this means you WAPo,

          are spinning this guy as mentally ill, depressed, powerless, etc, adnauseam doesn’t cut it, for me.

          His anti-government manifesto, pot business, and prior arrest aren’t impressive either. He’s was a criminal, and for the media folk to portray him as anything but makes my skin crawl.

          Furthermore, I don’t read Free Republic. And all these white men who are running around shooting up folks and landing planes into buildings are waking up to the fact that, yes, it does in fact take more than being white to have a job, a nice house, and being an American.

          Where were was Bedell during the Bush years, the Clinton years?

          Bedell’s race has everything to do with the media coverage of him and these other nutjobs who are running amok terrorizing American citizens.

        • I personally researched Bedell sans media filter and he was profoundly disturbed mentally going back to childhood. As with many “functioning” people with bi-polar disorder when he was properly medicated he manged to be productive, when he decided to go-it-alone, medicating his bi-polar disorder with marijuana the wheels came off, eventually resulting in the major break that basically became a suicide by cop.

          His “manifesto” his pot activism etc. were all halfhearted, short-lived forays in the midst of his disease. In the later stage of his illness, after college he couldn’t manage to follow through on anything…

          As for race, I personally see no need to couch every incident in terms of “what if” this were a black man or a middle eastern man… I don’t see the point.

          It’s just a human tragedy.

        • spirit_55z

          GeoT, no doubt that you and Audiegrl did a great investigative job on Bedell.

          My point is if Bedell were mentally ill, just like that Bishop lady who shot and killed 3 of her colleauges because she didn’t get tenure, then their asses should have been secured in a facility getting treatment.

          Bedell’s family as well as Bishop’s knew they were mentally unglued,yet allowed them to roam free and reign their terror on innocent folks.

          It’s a human tragedy alright, a tradegy for the victims who were hurt or killed by these deranged folks who should have been in a facility getting treatment for said mental illness.

          Again the rules are different when it comes to the race of the perp of a crime and the coverage it receives.

          That nut who flew the plane into an IRS building as with Bedell blame the dark, evil Obama government for their ills, then after they commit their crimes, we are told they are mentally ill, and felt powerless, etc.. not buying it.

        • spirit_55z

          And furthermore, the very fact that Bedell could approach not one but several Pentagon police officers, reach for his gun and fire at them is very telling.

          They never suspected this white man to walk up to them and open fire on them Nope, no profiling there. And maybe if they had of profiled him they wouldn’t have taken a bullet that could have taken their very lives..

        • I’ll agree it’s a failure that he wasn’t tagged as “a danger to himself or others” which would have been the only way to commit him without his consent. His family tried many times but in the system we have, at least in California, you can’t really do anything until there is an overt act or threat of violence and Bedell never threatened anyone, until his psychotic break which culminated in the shooting.

          Each case is different, as is each person. There are nuts on all sides of the political spectrum who are capable of acts like this.

  5. SouthernGirl2

    Hiya, Audiegrl!

    You & GeoT are rocking & rolling!

    Whoo Hoo!

    • Love that new picture! 🙂

      • spirit_55z

        You know what is disturbing? The MSM, this means you Chris Matthews, report on these nutcases and try to jusstify their criminal behavior.

        He had the gall to ask his guest if John Bedell was a “Truther” WTF? No dumbass, he’s a fucking criminal who smoked pot, and opened fire on two police officers. THE FUCKING END!

  6. geovanny

    nice article good work

  7. You might check into whether or not the ugly coverup by San Benito County of the local perchlorate and tce problem in Hollister helped set this guy off. The national perchlorate problem does start with a coverup by Lyndon Johnson in 1963, which fits into Bedell’s professed world view. If he bought his guns in Rancho Cordova above our perchlorate plume, I would bank on it.

  8. jay

    Are you people even aware that the photos are of two different persons? I am not an expert but it appears if you look at the eyes there is ridge on one and not the other..if you examine closely the ear anatomy one ear loaves are thicker and look also closely at the shape of the noses.Obviously something very bizarre is happening here because these are not the same people just look alikes.And why is the people in these government incidents always are shot to death? Then there was the plane crashed in the irs building and always some political dog doo story.Whose to say this was not some staged hollywood enactment and personnel played their roles? Looks phony to me to ante up their secret agenda.Why do the most of the time these occurences speakers look like actors as they are telling what happened.Have anyone ever start to think about some of this.I mean,hollywood makes movies why would it stop at the government.Our government are nothing but actors just like tinsel town playing parts out on tv newscast,cspan,radio.Is anyone awake out there this has been going on for decades it is time to blow the whistle on this facade.Why do we sit and let this play out.The ruling caste is our enemy and we need to start doing some deep thinking.I don’t care what kind of job position you have,size of your bank account or home,have you ever thought outside of the box why we are being ruled & fooled.Wake up People!

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