When Elites Bash Elitism

Written by Joan Walsh, posted by: Betsm

As Broder and Klein proclaim Palin a political star, they show they’re out of touch with “real Americans”

Joan Walsh/Salon.com~The same day the Washington Post released a poll showing a staggering 71 percent of Americans — and a majority of Republicans — don’t think Sarah Palin is qualified to be president, the Post’s David Broder and Time’s Joe Klein wrote columns proclaiming Palin a towering political force on the American landscape. It’s rare that Beltway conventional wisdom gets proven false the very same day it surfaces. But that probably won’t stop it from spreading.

Broder praised Palin’s “pitch-perfect recital of the populist message.” Klein hailed “the brilliance of Sarah Palin,” and suggested that “real Americans” can relate to “a woman who goes to war against the 19-year-old boy who knocked up her daughter and then posed for Playgirl,” and who calls national policy “current events … the high school term of art for the hour each week when students are forced to study the state of the world.” Klein compared Palin to the folksy hound dog Bill Clinton and suggested they had the same kind of populist appeal. (I know it’s just a coincidence Clinton wound up hospitalized for chest pains later that day.) The worst line of the piece? “One might even argue that you betcha is American for ‘Yes, we can.'”

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2 responses to “When Elites Bash Elitism

  1. This was an interesting article, even though Walsh is an elite herself, which of course she never denies. I am suspicious of denunciations of elitism. The term itself is slippery. Who are the real elites in the age of “global capital”? The financial agents that move the market, or the politicians that are moved by them, or us? Again, even there, I am suspicious.

  2. Thanks for posting this Bets. 🙂 I like Joan, she is spot on, and always keeps it real, whether its good or bad news. I stopped listening to most of the beltway conventional wisdom during the primaries and general election. We’d need a whole page just to catalog their predictions gone wrong. Right now we would be talking about President John McCain, if their CW was accurate.

    But hey, it drives up ratings for cable, and online it helps inflate their traffic numbers, which of course pleases their advertisers.

    It’s all about the Benjamin’$$$ 😉

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