First Lady Michelle Obama Appeared on The Today Show

Posted by: Audiegrl

It’s been a little over a year since First Lady Michelle Obama stepped into her role at the White House, and she sat down today with Matt Lauer from the Today Show on Wednesday, February 3, and reflected on her time so far and her future goals.

She noted that she would like to look back and feel like she affected somebody’s life because she was here, which brings on her new initiative on childhood obesity, an increasing problem in the nation, since statistics show that one in three kids is obese. “The most shocking sort of reality that really hits you is that the young generation is on track for the first time in this nation’s history of being less healthy, having a shorter life span than their parents.” The First Lady said the problem is solvable, and they will be striving for attainable goals, but the broad vision is to “change the health status of an entire generation.”

On balancing her work with being a mother: “I find a level of comfort in that role.” She acknowledged that there are challenges, but that she remains the same person she was before she entered the White House. “What people have seen over the course of the year is really Michelle.” She maintained the same for the President, who she says despite challenges that face the nation, “handled the pressure with that same level of grace that he came here with.”

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Looking for more stories on the First Lady? Check out our brand new section: FLOTUS: All Things Michelle Obama


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5 responses to “First Lady Michelle Obama Appeared on The Today Show

  1. Sandmann

    Michelle Obama is the real deal. Barack is one VERY lucky man.

    OT: President Obama is having another Q&A session tomorrow morning (Feb 3rd) with the Senate Democratic Caucus. This is scheduled to be aired on C-Span 2 @ 10:00-10:30AM. (I would set my DVR for an extra hour or so just in case).

    • I’m going to try and snag a live feed of that and post it here, thanks.

      C-span is not an option, can’t get an embed code from them.

    • You’re right Sandmann, the First Lady is a class act 🙂

      I just finished the archive for FLOTUS: All Things Michelle Obama, its a great way to keep up with the First Lady and her projects. Check it out here

      Check back tomorrow for the President’s Q & A, if anybody can get the live-feed to stream, its GeoT, he’s our resident live-feed-guru!

  2. LibbyShaw

    Michelle Obama certainly brings a lot of grace, warmth and elegance to Washington. You know she is a whirlwind of energy and activity behind the scenes, too. It is easy to see that both Michelle and Barack are the same people today as they were when they entered the White House.

    Well, he’s a little thinner and a tad more tired but the guy can still run circles around most of the politicians in Washington, especially the Republicans.

    The President really gave them a well-deserved schooling on Friday. He knocked it out of the park all right.

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