First Lady Michelle Obama Surprises White House Tour Visitors

Posted by: Audiegrl

One year ago on January 20th, after President Obama was inaugurated, he and the First Lady decided to surprise visitors who were on White House tours to reinforce the message of the White House being the People’s House. Mrs. Obama is marking the first year by continuing this tradition – taking some time to greet visitors of the People’s House. Even first dog Bo gets in on the act. 🙂
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4 responses to “First Lady Michelle Obama Surprises White House Tour Visitors

  1. It’s official…Bo-Bama is the biggest ham in the whole wide world. 46 minutes of all that love from the visitors, he was loving every minute of it 😉

    He’s also very well behaved, my little dog would have jumped on each person in that line, just her way of saying hello. LOL

    One of the things on my bucket list??? Visiting the White House. FLOTUS Michelle with her warmth and grace, makes it truly feel like the people’s house

  2. J.T. Darton

    I hope to visit the White House one day, and meet our wonderful First Lady Michelle Obama. Keep up the good work Mrs. Obama. I am so proud of you. God Bless you and your family.

  3. I know you will need to think lots on this.

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