Michelle Obama~Most Popular First Lady in Last 4 Administrations per Pew Poll

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As she begins her second year as first lady, Michelle Obama has a higher personal favorable rating than her husband, and her image is more positive than that of her two predecessors in the White House.

In a November survey by the Pew Research Center, 71% expressed a favorable opinion of Michelle Obama while just 16% expressed an unfavorable view. By comparison, 65% had a favorable opinion of Barack Obama, while 30% felt unfavorably (For full results from this survey, see “Blacks Upbeat about Black Progress, Prospects,” Jan. 12, 2010.)

In her first year in the White House, Laura Bush’s personal rating was a bit less positive; in July 2001, 64% said they felt favorably toward Laura Bush, while 17% expressed an unfavorable opinion. Hillary Clinton was less popular in her first year than either Michelle Obama or Laura Bush. In May 1993, 60% had a favorable opinion of Hillary Clinton, compared with 29% who expressed an unfavorable opinion.

Clinton, an architect of the Clinton administration’s health care reform proposal, was a more divisive political figure than Obama or Bush. In May 1993, half of Republicans (50%) had an unfavorable impression of Hillary Clinton while 41% had a positive view. By comparison, the balance of opinion among members of the opposition party was positive for Laura Bush in July 2001 (53% favorable vs. 25% unfavorable among Democrats) and for Michelle Obama in November 2009 (50% favorable vs. 36% unfavorable among Republicans). More @ Pew

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6 responses to “Michelle Obama~Most Popular First Lady in Last 4 Administrations per Pew Poll

  1. her husband wishes he had her numbers 😉

  2. our First Lady is wonderful.


  3. She’s got the goods – the heart, the soul, the intelligence, and the compassion to be a woman of the people. We are blessed to have her as our First Lady – because she is a Lady, first and foremost.

  4. yomomma

    thats one ugly ass bitch

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