Hope for Haiti Now: A Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief” Video highlights

Thanks to everyone who joined us for a night of great music and a show of support for the people of Haiti

Posted by: Audiegrl

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President Obama Signs Legislation

President Obama Signs Legislation Providing Immediate Tax Deductions for Haiti Charitable Contributions January 22, 2010.

President Obama Is Making It Easier for Americans to Support Haiti
In the days since the earthquake in Haiti, Americans have shown their generosity with millions of dollars in donations. Tonight, President Obama signed a bill into law that makes it easier to give. This legislation will allow taxpayers to receive the tax benefit from donations made to the Haiti effort in this tax season, rather than having to wait until they file their 2010 tax returns next year. Specifically, cash donations to charities for the Haitian relief effort given after January 11 and before March 1 of this year may be treated as if the contribution was made on December 31 of last year so that the contribution can be deducted from 2009 income. This measure applies to monetary donations, not goods or services.

Clinton Bush Haiti Relief FundUNICEFAmerican Red Cross

WFP:  World Food ProgrammePartners In Health Oxfam America
Yéle Haiti


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404 responses to “Hope for Haiti Now: A Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief” Video highlights

  1. thesquealer

    Great blog Audiegrl.

    Since you asked so nicely, how could I refuse. Will most definitely be watching tonight’s event from here. xx

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  3. that theme music on our live feed from CBS before the event is practically pornographic 😉

  4. okay I have the comment window on the left (muted) and a window with the live feed on the right….

    I’m good to go!

  5. Hey guys! Am I late? 🙂

  6. CNN is the only feed I have in hi-def… the local affiliate are not running this live… they’re doing news.

  7. shanti2

    Alicia is giving me chills…. Great song and artist to start the night.

  8. Alicia Keyes has a amazing voice!

  9. and FOX has O’Reily on WTF???

  10. shanti2

    Audiegrl, great job on the thread! Thank you.

  11. Sepia

    Hey guys! Am I late?

  12. SouthernGirl2

    Hey Audiegrl,

    So Mary J & Jennifer Hudson are taking part too?

  13. SouthernGirl2

    Hey Shanti & Sepia!

    What up?

  14. Sepia

    Alicia killed it!

  15. AG he layout looks really great… nice work.

  16. What a beautiful opening by Alicia. Damn, that girl can sing.

  17. I’m going to call in and donate in a bit. Wonder who I will get on the phone? In case they are taking requests, I’ll take Denzel please… 🙂

  18. Chris Martin & Coldplay – you’re gettin your message across, as always. Great tune.

  19. considering the short time to put this together the production is very tight, so far 🙂

  20. shanti2

    We shall overcome…. Boss tryna overcome.

  21. Oh Bruce – what a lovely spiritual to sing – we SHALL overcome.

  22. SouthernGirl2

    Dang, I missed Alicia!

  23. Leonardo DeCaprio in the house! He just donated $1 million dollars to Haiti relief yesterday

  24. Anderson C has been in Haiti since day one… that’s a tough assignment

  25. Christal

    Hey guys! I’m here, and also representing OgeneC, who is taking care of his sick child. He says to tell everyone “Hi” and that he’s “In the house” via proxy by his little sis.

    Go Stevie!!!

  26. buellboy

    sing it Stevie!

  27. Miranda

    I love Stevie.

  28. Sepia

    Wyclef: “We are not Haitian. We are African”

    *fist in the air*

  29. The background is beautiful – very elegant yet understated.

  30. Dabomb

    Great line up of artists! I am going to fully enjoy this.

  31. I don’t speak creole… 🙂

    but my wife says she understood the French in it….

  32. shanti2

    Stevie rocks! Wyclef looks tired, but his spirit shines through.

  33. SouthernGirl2

    Wyclef’s making me tear up.

  34. Had no idea Shakira could actually sing, I mean, I know her hips don’t lie, but neither does her voice.

  35. Sepia

    When I hear Shakira, I want to send her a box of lozenges.

  36. buellboy

    The texts at the bottom of the screen are a nice touch.

  37. CNN has the only Hi-def on my cable system

  38. Hey folks, I know I’m late to the party, but what’s up?

  39. AG: we’ve never had this much traffic, ever 🙂

  40. people are going to be lining up to love these kids.

  41. John Legend has arrived…. 🙂

  42. they need to be id’ing some of these artists

    for the mature crowd 😉

  43. I’ve been trying to call in to make a donation and the line is busy – so that’s a great sign! Go “Hope for Hait Now”!!!

  44. Audiegrl, is there a way I can post comments w/out putting in my info repeatedly?

  45. buellboy

    I heard this morning on Tom Joyner’s radio show Quincy Jones and Lionel Ritchie are doing another We Are The World type song to help Haiti

  46. Sepia

    I’m feeling John Legends’ rendition of “Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child”!

    Sang it, John!

  47. Can I have John Legend, please?

  48. Christal

    Oh, MY!!! “Sometimes I feel like a Motherless Child” One of my FAVORITE “Bonny M” songs from my childhood. Haunting, yet beautiful, and so freaking appropriate for his situation. Go John Legend!!!

  49. SouthernGirl2

    John Legend is so cute too!

  50. Oh baby, I’m gettin all hot – as Audie has announced – The Legend has arrived, Mr. John Legend, that is. Humina, Humina. Not only can he sing and play, but he is easy on the eyes.

  51. SouthernGirl2

    Oh, there’s John Stewart!

  52. Jon Stewart ….

    I like this format. Switched to CNN for hi-def. so much better.

  53. buellboy

    all rise the queen has arrived..mary j.

  54. Sepia

    Here comes Muurry!

  55. SouthernGirl2


  56. Sepia

    Miss Mary’s hair is look too fab!! Skin just flawless!

    I wish Fantasia was performing, too.

  57. buellboy

    switched to cnn. now at least the sound is in high-def

  58. Sepia

    I see Common!!!

  59. the sets are amazing… allot of people have been working really hard.

    and yes, Jenna Elfman is pregnant 😉

  60. Sam is wearing that kango!

  61. Sepia

    I think I saw The Rock, too!

  62. Pbomb

    I likey Jon Stewart.

    I likey John Legend too. Also.

  63. buellboy

    this is amazing how fast it all came together. we humans can do miraculous things sometimes…

  64. SouthernGirl2

    God Bless

  65. Taylor Swift in the house 🙂

  66. Not a fan, but all the kiddies love her – Taylor Swift.

  67. Sepia

    Here the reason why Kanye was banned, oops! I mean here’s Taylor Swift.

  68. I just hope no one runs on stage while she’s singing 😉

  69. ideagirlconsulting

    great blog, love all the pics of those involved.. awesome idea.. watching the show now.. trying to donate but can’t figure out how to from Canada!

  70. so cal to the rescue !

  71. Sepia

    X-Tina!!!!! Sang it!!

  72. ogenec

    Xtina!!!! That’s my baby!!!

  73. Pbomb

    Christina can sang!!

  74. I love Christina Aguilera’s voice 🙂

  75. 8) shit, no edit button….

  76. Okay, I had to log in so I’m cool now. Thanx guys.

    I’m digging Christina Aguliera’s (sp?) haircut.

  77. kinda a grand funk, led zeppelin fan ya know spiraling off in other directions but not much on ‘ballad types.’

  78. Anderson got me with this video

  79. Anonymous

    Guys, I don’t know if I can take much more of this. This just makes me want to go upstairs and hug my girls tight.

  80. Robert Patterson from Twilight

  81. please watch the videos I posted of Robin Williams from last nights Conan O’Brien show

    funny as hell.

    Tonight’s Conan’s last night btw.

  82. ogenec

    Oops, I better log in.

  83. Live from London – even the vamps are in on it! Go Edward! I mean Robert. 😉

  84. Sepia

    Cool! Sting and Chris Botti and his band!

  85. Pbomb

    Sting!! I am actually more partial to the Police. But he is a tremendous musician.

  86. ogenec

    Can I get some Black Thought?!?!?

  87. Love it when Sting gets all jazzy – esp. this Police tune – Driven To Tears. Way cool.

  88. Clint looks confused…

  89. Oh yeah, what a combo – Clint & Matt Damon. Strength in numbers.

  90. Aww hell… Beyaweh is on..



  91. Sepia

    Beyawnce. Well, at least she left the Kmart fans at home. 🙂

  92. Whoa – Beyonce & Chris Martin? Beyonce has finally become relevant!

  93. who is this now?

    haha gotcha’ 😉

  94. Haiti we can see your halo???



  95. Damn she got Steven Spielburg!!!

  96. where’s Lady Gaga

    or maybe a surprise appearance by Amy Winehouse?

  97. morgan freeman gives me the creeps. i think i woulda been better not knowing certain personal info about that man.

  98. We still can’t get through on the phone lines. This is good folks!!

  99. SouthernGirl2


    Is the text $10?

  100. every time I see Morgan Freeman I think of The Electric Company kids show when my boys were young 🙂

  101. Pbomb

    I love Sheryl Crow, but Kid Rock can go sit down somewhere.

  102. Group performance by Keith Urban, Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow

  103. kid rock & sheryl crow? oh wait, there’s Keith urban – his wife is answering phones now.

  104. Is that Billy Ray Cyrus on the far right?

  105. buellboy

    Missouri’s finest…Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock. Is that Bon Jovi?

  106. I love these impromptu combinations!

  107. buellboy

    keith urban

  108. I keep trying to call, but the line is busy. That is a GOOD sign, means folks are responding!

  109. buellboy

    mr. nicole kidman –keith urban

  110. Just got an email from my buddies in Ireland, those lads that call themselves U2, and the message was regarding tonight’s telethon. They noted that Edge & Bono collaborated w/Jay-Z & Rihanna on a new song, “Stranded,” that they cut in just a week. Can’t wait to hear it – hopefully tonight!

  111. Sepia

    I wonder will Obama make an appearance? 🙂

  112. Sepia

    Bill Clinton got some nerve. *SEOD (tm CG)*

  113. buellboy

    this a history making night. kind of like last January right? 🙂

  114. ogenec

    Bill Clinton, the big dawg. I loved reading the story of their connection to Haiti.

  115. Madonna 🙂 singing Like A Prayer

  116. Pbomb

    I am just waiting for black Jesus, aka Leon to come out on the cross.

  117. buellboy

    somebody call Leon!

  118. Madonna! Just Like a Prayer – with soulful background singers – love it!

  119. Sepia

    “Jungle medicine”?

  120. She had too, we were drooling over her new boyfriends photos, he is in his 20’s

  121. I watched Democracy Now! last night. There was a doc from Denver. he was crying. he’s totally blown away. i want to say he’s a pediatrician.

  122. Pbomb

    Did they say that the baby was 15 days old?

    I am so glad she’s alive. God bless her!

  123. Sepia

    Aww! She’s so cute!

  124. Sepia

    Justin Timberfake!

  125. JT singing the beloved “Hallelujah”. I don’t know what to think of that.

  126. Justin Timberlake and???

  127. Pbomb

    Who’s the other scruffy fellow singing with him?

  128. ogenec

    i dunno. but I’m a big JT fan tho’. Don’t hate. 🙂

  129. Christal

    I’ve got the Jungle Fevah. ((((Justin Timberlake)))) Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  130. Sepia

    The Champ Is Here!

  131. The Champ! and Chris Rock ((hugs)) 🙂

  132. God! for a sec i thot it was kanye….

    not a fan of boxing, but i’ve always respected M.Ali for standing up, sticking to his beliefs.

  133. Sepia

    Sing it, JHud!

  134. SouthernGirl2

    Hey guys,

    Chris Rock looks as if he’s aged a bit. I just another donation too.

  135. buellboy

    Chicago’s dreamgirl!

  136. J Hud you sing it girl! “Let It Be” is the perfect song for you, honey.

  137. shanti2

    Ali looks strong. This event is so heart opening. I’m touched. What I love about the performances is that the artists aren’t performing before a live audience.

    They don’t have them to feed energy from. These artist have to bring it straight from the heart….

    Sing it Ms. Jennifer Hudson!

  138. I know this is shallow but…. Jennifer Hudson’s makeup is always FIERCE!!!

  139. ogenec

    someone needs to stop pushing my thick sista button. I’m jes sayin’.

  140. Kevin

    With Justin Timberlake… Matt Morris

  141. okay, brad – that hairpiece has got to GO!-

  142. I hope Brad’s not going all Howard Hugues on us

  143. What is up w/Brad Pitt’s goatee?! I hope it’s for a film role & not just one of his whim’s. He’s too darn pretty to muss it all up w/that weird facial hair.

  144. buellboy

    have you guys seen the movie kalifornia? brad is going back to his scruffy roots lol

  145. This is the MILLION selling single from this event right here

  146. Group performance by Bono, The Edge, Jay-Z and Rihanna

  147. ogenec

    I hope this isn’t sacrilegious, but I think the best thing about U2 is The Edge. Not a big fan of Bono.

  148. Sepia

    I’m feeling this song with Bono, Jay and Rihanna!

  149. Pbomb

    This song is definitely cool! I will purchase after the benefit is off.

  150. Bono & the Edge are bringin’ it w/Jay-Z & Rihanna. I’m diggin’ Rihanna singin’ the chorus. Awesome tune – called “Stranded.”

  151. dave matthews & & neil young

  152. Dave Matthews and Neil Young

  153. Dave Matthews & be still my heart, the legendary Neil Young.

  154. Pbomb

    I love DMB band!

  155. let’s hear it for Denzel ladies. 🙂

  156. Denzel Washington pick up the phone!

  157. is this the Grand Finale?

  158. Sepia

    Aww shucks! Carnival Time!!

  159. ogenec

    Dang man, this African music is calling me like Pookie. Speaking of which, Chris Rock still looks like a crackhead. LOL.

  160. Thanks to everyone who live blogged with us tonight! You all were amazing! Thanks for sharing this with us… 🙂

  161. buellboy

    nice way to finish the show with Clef.

  162. ogenec

    AG and GeoT, thank you so much for arranging this. I had a blast, and I’m moved to tears. Literally. Thank you for keeping this in the forefront.

  163. Sepia

    Well, I guess that’s it.

    Thanks for the invite, Audie!

    It was nice chatting with you guys! Let’s do this again! 🙂

    Good night!

  164. the story on CNN is amazing

  165. buellboy

    historic night.record donations, live blogging, amazing music. does it get any better? keep paying it forward everybody …good night!

  166. This has been a wonderful, communal experience. 🙂

  167. The Hope for Haiti telethon was seen in:

    60 countries
    6 continents
    58 domestic networks
    60 international networks

    That’s how we roll!!!!! 🙂

  168. SouthernGirl2

    Hey Audiegrl,

    My computer was loading so slow & I rebooted. Just wanted to come back and say Good Night.

  169. Kevin

    Thanks very much… good show… good blog !

  170. Thanks for the fun, Audie. Check ya later!

    Good-night everyone.

  171. come back to live blog the State of the Union Address on Wed the 27th.

  172. buellboy

    G you and Audie did an amazing job as always thank you. You should live blog all major events!

  173. I’m way late but read almost every comment. Geo and Audie what a fantastic job. I did watch the benefit but wasn’t on the internet because my granddaughter asked to use it.
    Ogenec’s sis is a real trip. Loved all the comments. Talk to you tomorrow Audie and Geo. Maybe ogenec but he’s probably busy with his family.
    xoxoxo everyone 🙂

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  175. I gotta be honest w/ya’ll, as much fun as I had last night, w/the adrenaline pumpin’, I’m payin’ for it today! I could barely walk this mornin’ when the man finally made me get my a$$ outta bed. Guess that’s what happens when you come off a high – those endorphins did a number on me last night! It was all for a great cause tho, and I would do it 10x over for Audie & Geo. XOXO

  176. Any word on how much $$$ was raised Friday night? I’ve been veggin’ since then & haven’t caught the news lately.

  177. I’m gonna answer my own question – reports say the telethon raised an estimated $58M – a record breaker for similar telethons.

    “But there are still miles to go before we sleep.” ~ Robert Frost

    • man oh man, I hadn’t heard that… That’s great!

      I’ve spent an extended time “away from the keyboard”

    • That’s wonderful new sis! Like you and Geo, the live blogging physically took a bit out of me too. Reading this news makes it worth every minute, knowing that in our own small way we helped raise Haiti Relief awareness. This tragedy was the time for all people to put aside political disagreements and come together as one voice and mind to help the people of Haiti. This is the time when we as human beings are at our best…wow 🙂

  178. ‘Hope for Haiti Now’ is No. 1 on Billboard chart
    NEW YORK (AP) — The all-star “Hope for Haiti Now” album has debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, making it the first digital-only album to hit the top spot.

  179. this is great Hope for haiti

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