TV Crew Interpreter Rescues Baby Winnie From Rubble in Haiti

Posted by: Audiegrl

Winnie is passed to Australian journalist Mike Amor

Winnie is passed to Australian journalist Mike Amor

After hearing many experts say that no one could survive more than three days without water, today we learned a lesson about the power of faith. An Australian television crew interpreter pulled a 16-month-old girl, Winnie Tilin, from the rubble of a house in Haiti on Friday, January 15, nearly three days after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake devastated the country.

In the ruins of a neighborhood, where a hillside collapsed, residents were desperately trying to dig out a young child who was crying under the rubble. She had been buried there for 68 hours with no food or water. Hearing her faint cries and concerned that rescue efforts were taking to long, a young man jumped into the concrete hole. Deiby Celestino was the TV crew’s interpreter from the Dominican Republic. Miraculously, after crawling over dead bodies to get to her, he was able to pull her out. Once free, he passed the child to Australian journalist Mike Amor.

Miracle baby, Winnie

Miracle baby, Winnie

It’s very emotional. I actually thought it was my own baby pulling out there,” said hero/rescuer Celestino “She did a great job staying alive for three days with no food or drink.

Once the child was pulled from the rubble, volunteers poured water over the girl. “Whose baby? Whose baby? Is it your baby?” asked Amor who passed the child to her Uncle. Unfortunately, Winnie’s parents were killed in the collapse of the family’s home. Her Uncle, Frantz Tilin, arrived to find her after losing his own pregnant wife in the earthquake.

Workers with Save the Children Fund fed Winnie and gave her fresh water to drink. STC medical experts determined the girl to be dehydrated, but expect her to recover well.

This is truly a story of the resilience of the human spirit and an example of a self-less act of heroism by a fellow human being.

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More Stories of Hope…

Amazing rescue as two-year-old boy is pulled from wrecked home in Haiti

A little boy named Redjeson Hausteen Claude, was saved by a Spanish emergency worker whose team have managed to reach the afflicted area.

A little boy named Redjeson Hausteen Claude, was saved by a Spanish emergency worker whose team have managed to reach the afflicted area.

A TWO-YEAR-OLD boy is plucked from the rubble of his home three days after it was destroyed by the Haiti earthquake.

Redjeson Hausteen Claude’s saviour Felix del Amo could not conceal his glee as he handed the child to his parents, Daphnee Plaisin and Reginald Claude.

Spanish and Belgian rescuers had listened to Redjeson’s fading cries as they dug for hours through twisted metal and concrete.

The tearful tot’s face broke into a huge smile as he clapped eyes on his mum and dad, who had tried to dig him free with their bare hands.

Amazingly, he had suffered only a few facial cuts.

Dramatic photographs captured the moment when the father of Redjeson saw a Spanish rescuer pull his terrified child from the wreckage: Click Image for Slide-show

Help for Haiti~Learn What You Can Do

Complete Haiti Relief Coverage Main PageHaiti Relief Coverage~Main Page


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26 responses to “TV Crew Interpreter Rescues Baby Winnie From Rubble in Haiti

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  2. another water works moment, this was amazing.

  3. Beverly James

    I was deeply touched by this story. Baby Winnie’s eyes spoke to me. To the uncle or the person who has Winnie please contact me with updates of Winnie. If she can not be cared for I am ready, willing and able to take Winnie into my family. Please contact me. I don’t know of any other way to get my message out.

    • meg

      Dear Bevery,
      I share thesame feelings, on Wednesday night I went to bed with sad images of the 11 year old girl with braids and wearing glasses whose legs were cought in the rubbles who latter died a “stupid death” no doctor to attend to her.Baby Winnie brought so joy to me and many others like you Beverly- Her strength is beyond me, 3 days, no food, drink, family to hold her–so many images of her in the rubbles, how did she survive?, what was she feeling?–I a middled aged woman who has not been able to stay on a detox cleanse for a day without feeling hungry-Baby Winnie survives for 3 days with food, water-she is an inspiration. I want to help also in any capacity–Those of us wanted to be a part of baby Winnie can find a way to stay connected–Thank GOD ALMIGHTY

      • audiegrl

        I’ve just added another incredible rescue story to this thread…

        “Amazing rescue as two-year-old boy is pulled from wrecked home in Haiti”

        These children are inspirations to us all. 🙂

    • audiegrl

      Thank you Beverly, what an amazing offer. Little Winnie’s story touched me as well. For me she will always be the face of the rescue efforts in Haiti.

      • Beverly James

        Thank you Audiegrl for repling to my email and yes Meg, God is a Mightly and Awesome God. I have deep deep sympathy for all the people in Haiti especially the children. I would like to keep track of baby Winnie for she is truely a survivor. My heart breaks for all the children but Winnie touched my heart in a way I have never experienced and I have three children. Audiegrl, any information would be greatly appreciated, who I need to contact or how I might go about finding out detail about baby Winnie. I just don’t want her to be forgotten.

        • audiegrl

          Beverly, don’t worry, I’ve got my eye on Winnie. 🙂 I’m going to continue to watch out for stories about her. Right now, from what I can tell, she is with her Uncle Frantz, who also lost his pregnant wife during the earthquake. Check back, I’ll keep this thread updates with news of Winne, she touched my heart too 🙂

  4. aj

    Limbaugh is notworth wasting my time on. Some day he might wish he had someone to help him. Wonder how he’s felt if he’d been made to wait several days when he had to go to the hospital in Florida? Paybacks are hell !! No compassion, no soul.

  5. Beverly James

    All the stories are amazing. Yes Meg, our God is a mightly and awesome God. Thank you Audiegrl for your reply. It let’s me know that someone
    heard my cry. I have deep deep sympathy for all the people of Haiti. I would very much like to keep track of baby Winnie, she is truly a survivor. My heart breaks for all the children but baby Winnie touch my heart in a way I have never experienced and I have three children (2 girls 22 & 12 and a boy 10). Audiegrl, any information would be greatly appreciation who I need to contact or how I might go about finding out more infomation. I just don’t want baby Winnie to be forgotten.

    • audiegrl

      Hey Beverly, right now we are working on making a main page that will highlight all of our Haiti related stories. Give us a couple of hours to get everything together. 🙂

      Right now, one thing you can do to help, is by passing this amazing story to as many people as possible. Let them watch the video…it will touch their hearts too. The TV coverage of his tragedy is very overwhelming and sad, and I think the message of hope that Winnie’s rescue provided yesterday, will help people understand that its not to late, we can still save people…

      We’ll also be live-blogging George Clooney’s ‘Hope for Haiti’ global telethon. It will be next Friday, and will reach millions of people around the world and will be a huge help to Haiti Relief.

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  7. Beverly James

    Dear Audiegrl,

    I am deeply disturb. Some believe this story was just a publicity ploy by the jouralists and it got me to thinking. A baby trapped for 68 hrs would have a very soiled diaper. Baby Winnie’s diaper did not look soiled. There were no blood stains anywhere. The uncle had to think, I mean really think about her name. And lastly I have seen this rescure effort on CNN or HLN. Now I’m very concerned about the baby and the many other babies who have lost their parents with no one to care of them. I really hope this is not true but if it is God have MERCY on you all.

    • Please tell us where you saw or heard that this might be a hoax. I am very good at digging up information and I can’t find a single source that is suggesting that there is any funny business with this story.

      Rumors and gossip don’t count as valid sources btw.

      • Beverly James


        It’s on utube. My daughter showed it to me. I’ve been searching this story also. I find it odd that CNN nor HLN has reported this success story. I’m concerned about the baby. What happened to baby Winnie and the other babies who are now orphanes?

        • There are countless agencies setting up (or re-opening) care centers to take in the newly orphaned. After the more immediate need to stabilize the population and bury the dead they will set-up expedited systems to find the children loving homes. After what the world has seen these children will be treasured.

          Now listen, the story of the rescue is being reported everywhere.

          Your story that it is somehow a hoax is being reported nowhere except for some random speculation on YouTube apparently.

    • audiegrl

      Hi Beverly,

      I think some people on youtube and other places who are saying this is somehow a hoax, really need to stop posting ridiculous comments. They are only hurting the Haitian Relief efforts.

      I actually first saw coverage of baby Winnie on CNN. Anderson Cooper was interviewing the man who pulled her from the hole, his name was Deiby Celestino from the Dominican Republic. This story has been picked up by news outlets all around the world, because it is so inspiring.

      Now to answer a couple of your concerns:

      “The babies diaper didn’t look soiled enough”

      —You have to remember she was trapped for 68 hours, and that she had no food and no water. Your body is designed to take in nourishment and then dispose of it. If she had nothing coming into her body for almost three days, that also means that she would only be disposing of the waste her body ingested prior to the earthquake. Many people in Haiti don’t have access to grocery stores like we do, each day they go out and purchase their food for that day. So if the baby had no food or water coming in, there would be very little coming out in her diaper.

      “There were no blood stains anywhere”

      —I have seen at least four people, two of them children that have been pulled from the rubble with only scratches. They pulled a young man from inside a hotels elevator yesterday, he didn’t even have one scratch on his body. If you recall, this happens with every natural disaster or man made disaster (including 9/11), some people are just lucky to be in the right place at the right time. It has to do with physics and ‘shock cocoons’. Read this book, it explains the theory’s better than I can 🙂

      Ghosts of Vesuvius: A New Look at the Last Days of Pompeii, How Towers Fall, and Other Strange Connections

      “The uncle had to think, I mean really think about her name”

      —Please remember that official language of Haiti is French, although this is only spoken by the government and small portions of the business world. Which means that 95% of the population speak Haitian Creole, which is a blend of French, Spanish, Portuguese, English, and some some African languages. And to add to that, Winnie’s Uncle had just lost his pregnant wife along with Winnie’s parents. So please put y0ur self in his position for a moment. Picture yourself, running around your destroyed city looking for any of your relatives that had survived. Then picture rescuers from a foreign country and speaking a foreign language shouting at you about your newly rescued niece…Would you have the name at the tip of your tongue, or would you still be in shock and desperately try to translate what they are saying to you? Its obvious that he was having trouble translating the English by the way he touched his head, and at first thought they were asking him for HIS name. The local men around him were trying to translate the Australian reporter’s questions from English back into the Haitian Creole dialect so he could answer.

      Finally, you can go to the official Save the Children website, they have information on Winnie and also validate her rescue. 🙂

      Beverly, I hope this answers some of your concerns, and I can assure you that we would not be posting this story without additional confirmation.

  8. Beverly James

    Thank You GeoT and Audiegrl for answering my questions. I had actually come to the same conclusions but wanted viewers and readers to have a clean understanding about the story. Thank you for taking the time and addressing my concerns. I will be contacting someone with Save-the-Children about Winnie and other children like her.

    • audiegrl

      No problem Beverly, I’m glad to help debunk these rumors. I know the world is full of skepticism lately, but sometimes you just have to take a genuine miracle at face value. 🙂

      We have our Haiti Relief main page up now, so you can click on the link below to find all our Haiti updated coverage.

      Haiti Relief Coverage

    • this should help put your mind at ease Beverly:

      Orphans from quake-ravaged Haiti arriving in U.S.

      About 50 orphans who survived last week’s 7.0-magnitude quake were expected to arrive in Pennsylvania aboard a military transport plane Tuesday morning.

      In Florida, where evacuees have been ferried in since Saturday, more flights from Haiti were scheduled for Tuesday. Officials at Orlando Sanford International Airport expect arrivals for the next two weeks.

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  10. hopeful

    I find it very hard to believe it is a hoax. There are thousands of deaths and such a huge area being dug out. How can the news channels possibly cover every miracle and story. Many of these stories come from other country’s news crews.

    I think we need to put away our negativite thoughts and concentrate on the miracles and the good stories. Thousands have died and none of us can even begin to imagine the magnitude of the disaster they face.

    These children truely are amazing and miracles to survive so long in rubble. To be honest, I don’t want to know if it is a hoax, although very doubtful it is, I would rather have these wonderful miracle stories to see than all of the horror and devastating stories.

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  12. laura

    These are amazing stories. GOD is great and greatly to be praised. Jesus said faith as a mustard seed can move mountains. thanks be to him for protecting those children. I would love to adopt little winnie if that is posible.

  13. OMG…very sad story…thanks dude..i’m very appriciates for this post…thanks a lot

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