Obama Musical Premiering In Germany

Life in the White House may be no Cabaret, but a musical documenting Barack Obama’s road to the Presidency is set to premiere in Germany later this month, and will feature the 2008 campaign players as they sing and dance their way to November. “Hope” will premiere on January 17 at the Jahrhunderthalle in Frankfurt, Germany.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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4 responses to “Obama Musical Premiering In Germany

  1. Lake Lady

    Hey ogenec~

    This is off topic but I wanted to tell you not to get any Princess and the Frog jewelry for your little girl. I read a article today saying that is loaded with a element worse than lead!! Evidently a lot of little girl jewelry made in China is also loaded with the stuff.

    • I’ll email him this comment LL, in case he doesn’t read it here.

    • ogenec

      LL, thank you very much. Kind of you to point this out. I hadn’t gotten any jewelry for the kids. Hadn’t been planning to, really. Now I definitely won’t!! Thanks again 🙂

    • do they actually ADD lead to the products in China?

      seems we see similar stories to this quite often. I guess it’s easier to be the fastest growing economy when your safety standards are non-existent.

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