Seven Features Continue in VFX Oscar® Race

Posted by: Audiegrl

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The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences today announced that seven films remain in the running in the Visual Effects category for the 82nd Academy Awards®.

The films are listed below in alphabetical order:

When his brother is killed in battle, paraplegic Marine Jake Sully takes his place in a mission on the distant world of Pandora. The planet is inhabited by the Navi, a humanoid race with their own language and culture. Jake learns of the plan to drive off the Na’vi, in order to mine for the precious material scattered throughout their rich woodland.

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District 9
In 1982, a massive star ship bearing a bedraggled alien population appeared over Johannesburg, South Africa. Twenty-eight years later, the initial welcome by the human population has faded. The extraterrestrial race is forced to live in slum-like conditions on Earth and find a kindred spirit in a government agent that is exposed to their biotechnology.

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
As Harry Potter begins his 6th year at Hogwarts, Voldemort is tightening his grip on both the Muggle and wizarding worlds. Hogwarts is no longer the safe haven it once was. Harry suspects that dangers may even lie within the castle, but Dumbledore is more intent upon preparing him for the final battle that he knows is fast approaching.
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Star Trek
The film follows James T. Kirk enrolling at Starfleet Academy, his first meeting with Spock, and their battles with Romulans from the future, who are interfering with history. Together, the new crew of the USS Enterprise will have an adventure in the final frontier where the old legend is altered forever even as the new version of it is just beginning.
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Terminator Salvation
It’s the early stages of the war between man and machines. And the savior John Conner is doing everything he can to make sure man survives. He thinks he’s found a way to ensure that, and he also learns that the machines have targeted the man who’s suppose to father him, Kyle Reese, so he tries to find him.
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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
When Sam starts college, the Decepticons make trouble in Shanghai. A presidential envoy believes it’s because the Autobots are around. The Decepticons need access to Sam’s mind for glyphs imprinted there that will lead them to a fragile object that, when inserted in an alien machine hidden in Egypt for centuries, gives them the power to blow out the sun.
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Never before has a date in history been so significant to so many cultures, so many religions, scientists, and governments. 2012 is an epic adventure about a global cataclysm that brings an end to the world and tells of the heroic struggle of the survivors trying to escape the impending cataclysm.
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On Thursday, January 21, all members of the Academy’s Visual Effects Branch will be invited to view 15-minute excerpts from each of the seven shortlisted films. Following the screenings, the members will vote to nominate three films for final Oscar consideration.

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6 responses to “Seven Features Continue in VFX Oscar® Race

    • audiegrl

      Have you seen it yet? If so, what did you think? 🙂

      • no, haven’t seen it. But it’s made a bazillion dollars

        • anyone remember David Spade on SNL as the Weekend Update movie reviewer?

          He’d have a board with all the movie titles on it and eliminate them one by one:

          “didn’t see it”

          that was his method for picking the winner… 🙂

          I’d love to share a YouTube clip but so far I can’t find one.

  1. angels81

    I tried to watch District 9, but stopped after the first 30 minutes, just couldn’t buy the silly story line.

    Star Trek was big fun, really enjoyed the fresh take on the Star Trek world. Seeing fresh faces play younger Star Trek Icons was what made the movie fun.

    Haven’t seen Avatar yet, but the special effects look awesome. I heard the story is kind of weak, but its great eye candy.

    • audiegrl

      Hey Angels,

      I really liked District 9, my daughter bought the DVD for me, and we watched it last night. For me, it was an original story, not something I had seen before. It just felt unique. After watching the special features, I understand what it was. Many of the recent movies try to use the documentary style filming, to give the film an authentic look. In this film, they seamlessly incorporated documentary footage with cinematic footage, in a way, where it seemed real to the audience. At least, that’s how it seemed to me. Also, the first 30 minutes is not a good place to judge the film from, for me it really picked up after that. Give it another look, you might really like it. 🙂

      Loved the new Star Trek too. They also bought me that one last night. I’m glad they revised the cast, this way it will introduce the Star Trek legacy to millions of younger viewers. Chris Pine as Kirk, was spot on and full of that James Tiberius Kirk swagger we all grew to love. Star Trek II should be coming out in 2011.

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