The Good Wife: Tattoo You

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Actors Jessica Hecht and Julianna Margulies in an episode of CBS' "The Good Wife"I’ve been wanting to write about The Good Wife for a while, but must confess that I’m a few episodes behind, due to the holidays. Thank God for DVR’s. 🙂 But this article caught my eye…and might interest you. Spoilers alert.

LATimes/Meredith Blake~~For political junkies, especially those with a liberal streak, there’s probably not a better show on TV than “The Good Wife.” The series was back with a vengeance last night, introducing the loathsome Duke Roscoe (Craig Bierko), host of a charming TV show called “Gimme Truth” and a commentator who combines the relentless bullying of Bill O’Reilly with the paranoid histrionics of Glenn Beck. It’s truly an inimitable combination, folks! As ridiculous as Duke is — and as cheesy as his flag-waving, dangling noose graphics are — he’s only slightly less so than his real-life counterparts. Don’t believe me? Just watch this. Or this.


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Want to see the character Duke Roscoe in action?..Go to the 1:58 mark in the clip

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3 responses to “The Good Wife: Tattoo You

  1. I LOVE ‘The Good Wife’! I watched this episode and while it was recording (came in after the first 15 minutes were on). Then watched it again immediately after. It was a good episode. That Cary might be a cutie, but he is ALL sleaze.

    • audiegrl

      I’ve got to get caught up with the episodes again, now that things have calmed down a bit. My DVR was at 76% capacity after Christmas break. Now I’ve got it down to 54%, so I’m getting there.

      Obviously I need to blog less and watch TV more. LOL 😉

  2. I love The Good Wife. I love Juliana M. in the lead. Have loved Chris Noth since Law and Order. I love that pretty much everyone, down to her teenaged kids, is SMART, and thinking. I love how they are showing how she COULD think about staying married to him, and that it’s a long, drawn out, messy process. I still think she’s going to have a ONS with either the boss who hired her, or the young gun that used to play on Gilmore Girls. I totally enjoy this show.

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