James Von Brunn Dead: Holocaust Museum Shooter Died In Hospital

James von Brunn

James von Brunn

AP—The 89-year-old man accused of a deadly shooting at Washington’s Holocaust museum died Wednesday in a prison hospital. At Butner federal prison in North Carolina, spokeswoman Denise Simmons announced that James von Brunn died shortly before 1 p.m. Wednesday.

Von Brunn’s lawyer, A.J. Kramer, called the death “a sad end to a tragic situation,” but declined further comment.

The elderly suspect had been awaiting trial for the killing of security guard Stephen T. Johns at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum on June 10. Von Brunn had been wounded by return fire but survived.

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Statement from the Holocaust Memorial Museum~~January 6, 2010

The Museum’s thoughts and prayers continue to be with Officer Stephen Tyrone Johns’ family at this time. Officer Johns died heroically defending the Museum, visitors and staff. This tragedy is a powerful reminder that our cause of fighting hatred remains more urgent than ever.


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4 responses to “James Von Brunn Dead: Holocaust Museum Shooter Died In Hospital

  1. SouthernGirl2

    What James Brunn did was unspeakable! He was so full of hate that his own son and wife couldn’t take it anymore.

    • audiegrl

      I don’t know what happens when we die, but I’m sure he’s having to answer for a lot of things. I really liked the statement the Museum put out too.

      • If I recall, Mr. Johns had a son who is 10, 11? He was a cutie-pie.

        I don’t know what happens when we die either. I think we get to that ‘point’ where we understand the depth of the pain we caused regardless of the nature of our sins or crimes. I also think the universe is more forgiving than any of us expect.

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