Breaking News: 2 Federal Agents Shot in Las Vegas Courthouse

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***UPDATE Sources say the gunman is 66-year-old Johnny Lee Wicks. He was apparently angry about a reduction in his social security benefits when he stormed into the Lloyd George Federal Courthouse and opened fire.

Read the Lawsuit filed by Johnny Wicks

Sixty-five-year-old Stanley Cooper, a court security officer, and an unnamed 48-year-old deputy U.S. Marshal were gunned down when Wicks opened fire in the lobby of the federal building in downtown Las Vegas around 8 a.m. Cooper is a retired Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department sergeant. A motorcade made up of dozens of police officers escorted his body from University Medical Center to the Clark County Coroner’s Office.

FBI Special Agent Joseph Dickey said the shooting started in the main foyer and continued outside. The gunman was killed across the street from the federal building, which is located on Las Vegas Blvd. between Bridger and Bonneville Avenues. Seven U.S. Marshals and security officers were involved in the gunfire. Some witnesses say they heard between 50 to 100 shots fired.

Wicks filed a lawsuit against the Social Security Administration in early 2008. In a handwritten complaint, he said discrimination had followed him from California to Nevada. Wicks wrote this about one California agent, “Doesn’t try to hide the way he feels about black people so he reduced my benefits.”

Wicks explained he suffered a stroke some years back. He claimed his benefits dropped from $886 to $445 a month and then to $128 a month.

U.S. Magistrate Judge George Foley reviewed the case and determined Wicks’ payments were reduced because Nevada, unlike California, does not provide a state supplement. When Wicks moved to Nevada he was no longer eligible for the supplement.

The case was ultimately dismissed in September of 2009.

Prior to Wicks’ arrival at the courthouse, investigators suspect he set his home on fire. He lived at Sunrise Senior Village on 30th Street in Las Vegas.

***UPDATE Marshals say they don’t know motive for shooting

***UPDATE U.S. Marshals Service Director John F. Clark said in a statement, “I can receive no news more grim or sobering than word of a line-of-duty death or injury to our U.S. Marshals personnel. … Rest assured, the brave and immediate actions of these two individuals saved lives by stopping the threat of a reckless and callous gunman who had no regard for who or how many victims were struck down by his senseless actions. They are heroes.”

***UPDATE 8 News Now has learned that the Deputy U.S. Marshal suffered buckshot wounds to his head and hand. At least five federal agents shot the gunman killing him. The gunman’s body is outside of the federal building. The court security officer is identified as being 65-year-old retired Metro Sgt.

***UPDATE (AP)~~Hospital official says a court officer in Las Vegas federal building shooting has died.

Suspected gunman is shot dead, FBI says

The Lloyd George Federal Building in Las Vegas

MSNBC—Two federal agents were shot Monday when a gunman opened fire in the lobby of a federal building in downtown Las Vegas, and the gunman was shot and killed, the FBI said.

We have two marshals down,” Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal Roxanna Lea Irwin said after the shooting ended at about 8 a.m. local time.

The condition of the federal agents was not immediately known.

Police and other federal agents swarmed the multi-story building, and paramedics wheeled at least two people out and down a ramp to ambulances. There was no immediate word on the identity of the shooter.

Las Vegas police spokeswoman Barbara Morgan said the gunman had been shot in the head.

It looks like he went in there and just started unloading,” Morgan said.

The multi-story building houses federal courts and offices for federal officials including U.S. Sens. Harry Reid and John Ensign.

Irwin said she saw shotgun casings on the floor of the lobby.

Two Shot at Las Vegas Courthouse

Police block off the area around the federal courthouse in Las Vegas on Monday.

CNN—Two people were shot Monday in the lobby of a federal courthouse in Las Vegas, Nevada, police said.

The shooting suspect was shot and killed, FBI Special Agent Joseph Dickey said.

The incident occurred about 8 a.m., said Barbara Morgan, spokeswoman for Las Vegas Metropolitan Police.

The two victims were a deputy U.S. marshal and a court security officer, according to U.S. Marshals spokesman Jeff Carter.

Authorities were in the process of evacuating the building, Dickey said.

One person was dead at the scene, and two others were transported to University Medical Center in unknown condition, according to Tim Szymanski, spokesman for the Las Vegas Fire Department.

No one else was in the lobby at the time of the incident, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police spokeswoman Barbara Morgan said.

This report will be updated as information becomes available.

On YouTube, a man who claimed to have a jury summons captured audio of the shots (contains graphic language):
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Special agent Joseph Dickey confirms that two federal agents were shot in Las Vegas Monday. One suspect was shot and killed, according to Dickey.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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10 responses to “Breaking News: 2 Federal Agents Shot in Las Vegas Courthouse

  1. I heard the audio. That was a lot of gunfire! How sad this stuff has to happen.

  2. The guy that shot the video (1:13 in length), someone left a comment that it could possibly be about the economy. That’s what sad, I think. And like the guy said: ‘Holy Shit!’ That was a lot of freakin’ gunfire.

    Oh and btw, I don’t know your email, audiegirl. So help me, I’ve looked over the blog and don’t see it. And are you in FREAKIN’ Colorado? Oh – and lunaticfringer that subscribed to your tweets – me…

    Here’s my email:

    • audiegrl

      Hey WS, I am just relieved that more people weren’t hurt.

      Thanks for subscribing to my tweets!

      • Absolutely. During the court hearing for my sister & I being granted guardianship of our father, my brother got heated and was bordering on threatening to the judge at one point and us at another. The judge asked if we wanted to an escort out to our vehicles; my sister nodded, and I swear to god within 30 seconds there were five marshals in the courtroom – some in thru the door by the judge and the others in thru the main door. There were two more in the hallway when we walked out. [I don’t know if the judge hit a switch or what. I just know it looked like neither he or the clerk moved.]

        Well don’t I feel stoopid – like a moran! Or was it maroon; no it was moran.

        I had your email all right – how could I have forgotten that Santa?

        • audiegrl

          That’s really a thankless job, and we’re so lucky that they are willing to do it. Courts are miserable places to work, always in the middle of something bad. I hope the other guy pulls through…

          Oh, now I remember. Hatchet-armed Santas gone viral! LOL 😉

  3. V.E.G.

    Stanley Wayne Cooper is related to the man with the highest military rank in the history of the United States, George Washington!

  4. V.E.G.

    There is the same principle as the Howard Towers case in Colorado. Johnny Lee Wicks is the African-American Howard Towers. Wicks shot the man Stanley Cooper to death and he injured one of them. Joe Gardner would have said, “That crazy old man came and shot me!” Unlike Towers, Wicks was shot dead by the authorities. Like the victim of Howard Towers, Stanley was cremated.

  5. V.E.G.

    There is another one like the perpetrator of Stanley Wayne Cooper. One old black man shot dead the victim William Allen Garcia (a man of Latvian, Polish, and Mexican origin)!

  6. V.E.G.

    There is another one like the victim of a crazy old man: Mujaba H. Aidroos, a man of Pakistani origin. Aidroos would have said, “the crazy old man came to the office and shot me!” Although, the victim of a crazy old man, Michael Victor Brus was cremated per request.

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