Olbermann Special Comment: Ruined Senate bill unsupportable

posted by GeoT (note: I don’t agree with all of his points, but this is something that needs to be said, and heard)

“I will begin by saying the most unpopular and most unwelcome thing: that we have sustained a total and unmitigated defeat, without a war.”

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8 responses to “Olbermann Special Comment: Ruined Senate bill unsupportable

  1. audiegrl

    Thanks for posting this GeoT, your right, this does need to be seen. This is my take on the whole situation. For who ever cares to listen. 😉

    I think that people need to stop pretending that we have a two party system of government in this country. That’s just bullsh*t and lots of wishful thinking.

    What we have a group of six to eight ruthlessly warring tribes. Each trying to out-shout and out-spin and out-talk each other. Each jockeying for a spot to shout their rhetoric on our 24/7 news cycle. Hoping that whatever they say might be deemed important or outrageous enough to go viral on youtube and be dissected/and/or defended endlessly on rightie and leftie blogs. As an additional bonus, if they’re lucky, their youtube diatribe can be a valuable fund-raising tool for either side!

    The righties have Fox News, the lefties have MSNBC, and who ever is left tries to find a news-home with the folks with the hopelessly low-ratings at CNN. The pundits on ALL the networks have only a cliff-notes type of understanding of the topics they are covering, and in the race to get the news out first, end up making many factually un-supported assertions, that even a high school civics student or someone with Google or just common sense could pick apart with ease.

    My point? Everyone is shouting, but nobody is listening. We are all so dug-in to our own sides, that we are without any sympathy or understanding for anyone who thinks differently than ‘us’. Last summer at a town hall, even a disabled woman, crying and heart-sick about the lack of healthcare for her family, gets shouted down and ridiculed by Teabaggers who oppose healthcare reform. An anti-reform man attending a town hall gets into a physical fight with a pro-reform man, who decided to bite his opponent’s finger off just to shut him up. We have Sarah Palin actually trying to lecture Al Gore about Climate Change from her stronghold on Facebook. And now the famous Constitutional scholar Glenn Beck is lecturing us on the Founding Fathers and slavery. Seriously? This is what passes as actual political debate in this country?

    Judging by the forces we are dealing with, it’s actually amazing that our government works as well as it does. For the record:

    • I’m tired of hearing conservatives who already have insurance lecture me about the dangers of socialized medicine.
    • I’m tired of hearing progressives who already have insurance lecture me on what they will and will not accept as a solution to healthcare reform.
    • Lastly, I’m tired of hearing conservatives and progressives who already have insurance, say they are angry, and are crying, and are fed up with their prospective parties stand on health care reform. Your crying? Your upset and angry? You feel betrayed? Please. That’s the problem. This isn’t about you, its about the 40 million people in this country who don’t have insurance.

    Democrats have been trying to pass this legislation for over 40 years, did you really think that if you got angry enough this time that you could change how slowly Washington works in a year? Passing major legislation is messy and takes time. People seem to have forgotten Civics 101 and School House Rock. We don’t live in a dictatorship in this country, we have three branches of government. We are closer now, than ever before to improving the lives of our citizens with major health care reform, but listening to the MSM and blogesphere, you’d never know it.

    If we really want to have a serious debate on our healthcare system, why don’t we talk to people who don’t have insurance? Aren’t they the real experts on this topic? Don’t they have ultimate credentials to decided whether this health bill (that isn’t even finished yet) will help or hurt their families? When did this country stop caring for each other, and only gaging their actions by what will just be the best for them?

    Maybe its the holiday season, and just me trying to feel good about this country and my fellow man. But damn, it’s a real shame, I thought we were better than this…

  2. thanks… audie I agree with most of what you said.

    First it is always funny to watch someone pout like this. Second it is even more ironic that he takes the same stance as those who he consistently blames.

    6 to 8 warring tribes?

    I think there may be 6 to 8 fringe groups but they make up maybe 15% of the country.
    50% the country is traditional and conservative. (not necessarily repub(fox)) 20 percent is radically progressive… (msnbc) 15% moderate and unengaged.

    But anyway… its about the 40 million? in your opinion… It may be about how to fix a broken system….. It may be about how to regulate insurance companies… It is complex and health care is not a right… inless you can find it in the bill of rights?

    Tell me what is more important?
    food, shelter, or health care

    • what is more important?

      well obviously they go hand in hand… they are EQUALLY important.

      Without shelter your health suffers, without food your health suffers without health your life suffers.

      How do you feel about the Constitution?

      “All Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable RIGHTS that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness–”

      Having access to heath care, is a fundamental right of ALL citizens, not just the wealthy.

      • Thanks GEO…

        If they are all equal… why isn’t the country feeding the hungary and sheltering the homeless?


        Okay unalienable… unalienable rights means by definition – “rights that cannot be surrendered, sold or transferred to someone else”
        There you go, those “rights” wouldn’t include food, shelter, or health care.

        want to try again?

        Health care, police, fire department, drivers license, tax breaks etc are all priviledges allowed by the state… not rights granted by the constitution.

      • why isn’t the country feeding the hungary and sheltering the homeless?

        what we do, those of us that feel connected to and part of our common society is we help those that, for whatever reason, cannot help themselves. Kindness is a human trait.

        No one is talking about FREE health care. We are talking about making it available to everyone, even those shunned by the insurance companies based on profit motives which is the opposite of kind, that is cruel.

        In my community, yes we help the homeless and the hungry, we CARE about them we don’t shun them.

        The government IS the people, remember?

        The majority of the PEOPLE want health care for all…

        that’s a fact.

  3. ok… so you give concede the constitutional angle.

    Now you play the compassionate card.

    “talking about making it available to everyone”
    lol, answer me this… How many people are denied health care? Thats right… not many at all, it is available to all (just at higher costs to some)

    To your point about careing and not shunning…
    Why don’t make it a law (like health reform) that everyone gets enough food to eat?

    Why don’t we make it a law ( like the senate health bill) that everyone has shelter?

    See I think the hunger and homeless issue is much more important than health care… I think most people agree that they are at least equal… why then do we leave the homeless on the streets?

    But we spend billions on people who choose not to pay for health care… thats right choose. (the poor are covered through medicaid, medicare,etc)

    • why then do we leave the homeless on the streets?

      because we live in an imperfect world. But in the real world, where we DO not just talk, people work everyday to correct inequities.

      There is nothing proposed that would make it a law that “everyone gets health-care” it’s like auto insurance, you want to drive? you need insurance.
      you want to use the health care system, then you need insurance.

      I would think conservatives would be happy about this. “everyone carries their own weight” no more “freebies” in the emergency room.

  4. ok an imperfect world huh… as if the fairy tale everyone enjoys everything perfect world exists.

    Right , in the real world people work to correct inequalities? huh … what does that mean?

    “law that everyone gets health care”
    well in both bills, you will be penalized for not having coverage. conservatives are mad about the freebies… they give them away through medicaid and medicare and subsidies to pay for ER visits.

    Lol its not like autmobile insurance.. i wish it were. Briefly explain… auto insurance is just for catastrophic instances… It doesn’t cover routine maitnance and what not. If you want to pay for your car to be fixed then you can easily do that with cash at the counter. Try telling the doctor your paying cash want to know what your paying for. Not the same at all..

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