Ed Schultz v. Jonathan Alter: Schultz Ends Up in His Own Segment of Psycho Talk

Posted by Audiegrl

Jonathan Alter of Newsweek

Jonathan Alter of Newsweek

Newsweek‘s Jonathan Alter stepped forward to educate MSNBC’s Ed Shultz on the normal legislative process involving the health care bill. Alter accused Schultz of misrepresenting the totality of the billl, telling Schultz that, “You have to deal with the world as it is, not as we would like it to be.”

Schultz’s take on the process was what our friend Ogenec would call ‘neo-progressive‘, and lacked understanding of what Alter called ‘the sausage making‘ involved in getting a bill through Congress. It was easy to see the direction the show was heading, when Schultz opened with a phone poll asking “Are you disappointed in the way President Obama is handling health care reform?Hit 1 for yes, and 2 for no. BTW, I took Ed’s poll, and after selecting 2 for no, they wanted to transfer me to a operator to discuss a time-share property. 😉

Neo-progressive opinions are nothing new, but are often exasperated by the 24/7 news cycle. The pundits and reporters don’t take time to understand the developments and the facts. Instead, must make a quick assessment of the facts, and make up the rest with speculation or half-baked ideas and opinions. This is not doing their viewers any favors and often unnecessarily leads to voters getting riled up, before they even know the facts.

So for me, I’m with Alter on this one. Even though he tried to explain (from experience) the long legislative process to Schultz, and all of the benefits that were in the new bill… but it was no use… To Shultz, everything hinged on the bill passing with Public Option, and anything other than that, was just a pile of junk.

Sorry Ed, but when you talk like this, you belong in your own segment of Psycho Talk.

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7 responses to “Ed Schultz v. Jonathan Alter: Schultz Ends Up in His Own Segment of Psycho Talk

  1. Ed was at it again tonight, with all the “Dems will pay in 2010” etc. etc.

    He and others on the far left are living under the delusion that “they got Obama elected”

    it’s nonsense.

    • audiegrl

      Its time now to quote a diarist at DKos, he sums it up pretty well….

      this is where I must break from what I’ve been witnessing – this increasingly self-destructive behavior from the left has over and over helped to snatch defeat from the jaws of what should be victory. Truly we are here today because of the what happened in 2000. No discussion of today’s reality is complete without understanding what happened then. I’ve watched in horror as some aspects of what I thought was a mistake we’d never make again come back to life with vicious vengeance. What should be reality based discussions devolve into the massive navel gazing, self-defeatism, hysteria and self-destructive asshattery. Ominously, almost with a slight sigh of relief by some, the circular firing squad assembles.

      The rest of his diary is here.

  2. oh BTW:

    Howard Dean is a liberal and he has endorsed the plan from the gang of 10.

    good enough for me.

    • audiegrl

      Cong. Anthony Wiener has endorsed it too and you can’t get more progressive than him. Also, Cong. Alan Grayson said he was okay with it too on Hardball. 😉

  3. Hi, Audie and 44 Diaries!

    I agree with you. During the summer, Alter tried to give another p.o.v. on the public option, but Schultz was having none of it, shouting him down so that Alter couldn’t be heard. That was when my opinion of Ed Schultz started to wane.

    I consider myself a newbie to the policy making process, therefore I’m looking for analysis so that I can get a better understanding of what’s going on. I wanted to hear what Alter had to say!

    • BTW, I see Ed reads Kos at DKos. Kos made the same complaint about the OFA email.

      • audiegrl

        Its pretty hard to get a decent analysis, when the pundits are only focusing on their own agendas. It is impossible to give accurate and credible information to your viewers, when you are always dealing with ‘*breaking news*’. How can they possibly understand what the implications are, if they just got the information 2 minutes ago? They don’t even have time to think it through or verify the information. i.e. balloon boy and the Ft. Hood shooter is dead. Wrong, wrong, and wrong again.

        Last night on Countdown, they were discussing something regarding the health care reform bill, using information from Ben Smith @ Politico. Smith got this ‘*information*’ from a ‘*unnamed source*’. From there, they ran with it. I just shook my head. So now, you want to base the whole premise of your show on some unnamed source that right-wing-leaning Ben Smith knows? Phuleeze. 😉 Ogenec got it right when he named them *neo-progressives*. Check out his earlier diary with that title.

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