Replay: President Obama Speaks on Afghanistan Policy

President Obama outlines his strategy on Afghanistan and Pakistan from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y. December 1, 2009


Vodpod videos no longer available.


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21 responses to “Replay: President Obama Speaks on Afghanistan Policy

  1. 7 min and counting and they have music playing on the feed.

    Music to go to war by?

  2. this may be simplistic but if we get bin Laden and or Zawahiri Obama will go down in history as a success… otherwise this is a quagmire in the making.

      • ogenec

        Thanks. I’ve now looked at it. My sense is that he gave short shrift to the civilian plank of the strategy. Which is a pity, because there is no way to contain the threat in such a fractious, tribalistic country without offering the local people an alternative for their security and well-being. I suspect that he did so because the approach sounds too close to “nation building” for comfort. But I think it was a missed opportunity.

        Otherwise, I liked the speech. The hard part is the implementation, however. Let’s see what unfolds.

  3. better quality replay window up.

  4. My conclusion is Obama has become a highly polarizing figure, that may be a good thing, clear lines of delineation, or it may just be a really long 4 years.

    • ogenec

      Hmmm, that’s interesting. I don’t think it’s Obama that’s polarizing, per se. I think our politics is what is polarizing. I’m always amused to hear people define Obama in self-contradictory ways: He’s an effete, arugula-eating elitist!!! No, wait, he’s a ruthless Chicago pol who would knife his own grandma in the back and throw her under the bus!!! No, I’ve got it — he’s really a secret black nationalist who hates white people!!! No, you’re wrong — he’s really a corporatist tool in thrall to Wall Street, a Manchurian candidate controlled by Goldman Sachs!!!! Are you crazy — everyone knows he’s a die-hard Saul Alinsky accolyte who hates America and is on a secret mission to bankrupt the country, overthrow the free markets and usher in socialism, communism, and totalitarianism!!!

      You’ll see more of this in the days ahead. The Right will define him as a weak-kneed accommodationist/defeatist/apologist punk whose timetable is tantamount to cutting and running. And the Left will define him as a warmonger cut from the same cloth as GWB, but a smoother talker.

  5. He’s becoming a punching bag for both sides.. there seem to be no restraint in the rhetoric used to describe Obama… a basic lack of respect.

    • audiegrl

      The lack of respect is stunning… Not some special “grand-pooba hail to the chief” type of respect.

      But, just a basic human decency type of respect. It’s dead and gone…and I’m not just talking about rhetoric from the Republicans…

      • ogenec

        “And I’m not just talking about rhetoric from the Republicans”

        Hence the term “neo-progressives.” Same difference, as far as I can tell. Why, I bet some Democrats would love to have the same kind of “purity test” the Republians are lathered up about.

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  7. audiegrl

    December 2, 2009 at 6:41 pm

    LMAO. You know that’s who I’m talking about. 😉

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