President Obama’s Bow: Right-Wing’s Silly Stupid Pathetically Weak Attack on Obama

Posted by Audiegrl

President Barack Obama bows as he is greeted by Japanese Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko as he arrives at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo

Ok, its only been 10 months, and I’m already getting sick and tired of Fox News’ stupid attacks on President Obama. If this is going to be the trend for the next 3 to 7 years, I’m going to need someone to talk me down.

If they are going to attack him for bowing to foreign leaders, they really need to work on getting rid of all the photos and video of Republican President’s doing exactly what they are accusing President Obama of doing.

Ultra-right wing internet news outlet Newsmax had a screaming headline “No American President Ever Bowed to a Foreign Leader — Until Now”. TheFoxNation brays “Should a U.S. President Ever Bow to a Foreign Leader?” Fox News has been questioning bowing all day, with Fox and Friends anchor Steve Doocy, idiotically parroting right-wing blog Hot Air, that “in 230 years since the country was founded in 1776, that no other U.S. President has ever bowed to a foreign leader“.

Come on now! These right-wing folks are making it way too easy. My Google and Wikipedia are in for some fun. I’ll start chronologically, and leave President Bush for last. 😉

A September 2, 1959 Associated Press photo shows President Dwight Eisenhower bowing his head while meeting French President Charles De Gaulle. The caption of the photograph read: “President Dwight Eisenhower bows as he acknowledges speech of greeting by French President Charles De Gaulle on his arrival at Le Bourget near Paris on Sept. 2, 1959. Between the two chief executives is Ludovic Chancel, French Chief of Protocol.”

We also have a photo of President Eisenhower and First Lady Mamie looking pretty chummy with Nikita Khrushchev and his wife Nina at a state dinner in September of 1959. Khrushchev’s US visit resulted in an informal agreement with President Eisenhower that there would be no firm deadline over Berlin, but that there would be a four-power summit to try to resolve the issue, and the premier left the US in general good feelings.

This February 1972 photo shows President Richard Nixon bowing to Japanese Emperor Hirohito. You know, the guy who ordered the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor? Under his orders, on December 7, 1941, Japan struck the US Fleet in Pearl Harbor and began the invasion of Malaysia. At the end of the American occupation of Japan, Hirohito was prepared to apologize formally to U.S. Gen. Douglas MacArthur for Japan’s actions during World War II – including an apology for the attack on Pearl Harbor. MacArthur refused to admit him or even acknowledge him.

In February 1972, President and Mrs. Nixon traveled to China, where the president was to engage in direct talks with Communist Party Leader, Mao Tse-Tung. Yes, the same Mao who is Glenn Beck’s favorite boogy-man . Here is a photo of President Nixon shaking hands and grinning at Mao on February 29, 1972.

Last but not least, we have the hand-holding and cheek-kissing President George W. Bush. On a April 2005 visit to the President’s ranch, Saudi Prince Abdullah is greeted with a kiss on both cheeks and taken by the hand to the house. Jon Stewart did a segment about this on The Daily Show’s. Thanks to Jed Lewison of DKosTV, we have a mash-up video below.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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16 responses to “President Obama’s Bow: Right-Wing’s Silly Stupid Pathetically Weak Attack on Obama

  1. ogenec

    Now THAT’s how you debunk a right-wing talking point!!! Well done.

  2. I don’t know what to think of this whole episode Audiegrl,

    I guess I’ll just have to bow to your superior knowledge on the subject 😉

  3. Miranda

    Great job audiegirl!

  4. oh they’re coming out in force on this one:

    (it’s cool to be racist again)

    Wesley Pruden: Obama Lacks ‘Blood Impulse’ Due To ‘Kenyan Father’

    “He established a new precedent for how American presidents should pay obeisance to kings, emperors, monarchs, sovereigns and assorted other authentic man-made masters of the universe. He stopped just this side of the full grovel to the emperor of Japan, risking a painful genuflection if his forehead had hit the floor with a nasty bump, which it almost did…”

  5. bigbear

    Something you do not take into consideration here. In the asian world the depth of a bow means many things. A slight bow, as witnessed in the photo’s you supplied, is a sign of respect, that of an equal. A deep formal bow, as done by Obama to the emperor and to the Saudi King, are signs of servitude, subbordination, a person who is beneath the other. That is the problem with this, not just the fact that he bows to these people, but the significance attached to the act. I did not see him bow to the Queen of England like that. Why was that????? He grovels at the feet of other leaders. His wife breaks protocol with the Queen and all is well, not a problem there, it is all fine and dandy to do that. See a pattern here???? Probobly not, the kool aid is working well. As far as Obama’s penchant for going around apologizing for the United States, well that is just plain wrong. Why not just disband the whole repbublic and rename it the U.S.S.R. (United States Socialist Republic) that is the way we are headed with this group running things. If other countries do not like us then fine, we offer no more foreign aid to them, no more freebies of any sort. See if they change their tune when the free ride is cut off, oops that is the way of the administration, free rides to all, except those who must pay for it all.

    • gee, where have I heard those talking points before?

      when are you going to get around to “he’s making us less safe? and oh, the instant classic “doesn’t he know we’re at war?”

    • audiegrl

      See a pattern here????

      Yes I do. It seems as if you have caught the dreaded “stupid virus”. Please seek immediate medical help. It’s not to late to save yourself…

      P.S. I hope that you have good insurance 😉

  6. betsmeier

    bigbear. Do you have stupid written across your forehead. You really had to pull that one out of your hat, didn’t you. If all you right wingnuts have to go after OUR President for stupid bows, etc, then I say great, he’s doing a great job governing. You can’t find anything logical to attack him on. Love it!!!

  7. Among all of the gaffs past presidents have made, what’s w/the bow issue?! Seriously, it’s a cultural thing & our Prez was showing respect to another international leader. POTUS is reestablishing relations with the international community. One way to do that is to honor their customs. You ever notice how female journalists & politicians follow protocol when in Islamic nations? It’s a sign of respect, not one of cowardice.

    Give the guy a break! Obama is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, and THIS is what people dwell on. How ’bout focusing on something that really matters, like our good POTUS is doing to the best of his ability.

    • audiegrl

      Hey BD, now the wingers have moved on to the *depth* of the bow, since all the media has been posting pictures of past Republicans bowing, its the only thing left to complain about. LOL 😉

  8. Mosie

    You must be joking! – Eisenhower and Nixon gave a greeting by nodding their head – Obama bowed with his butt in the air big time. Big difference – the other two did not defer – as Obama did.

    • audiegrl

      Interesting…Exactly how would you characterize George W. Bush’s hand holding and kissing Prince Abdullah? If you consider President Obama bowing as deferential, would you consider Bush and Prince Abdullah as a couple deeply in love? 😉

      Sound silly? Yes. But not as silly as you deciding, or should I say Faux News deciding for you that President Obama was doing anything other that showing respect of another countries customs.

      My advice, seek immediate medical help. It’s not to late to save yourself…

      P.S. I hope that you have good insurance 😉

    • You obviously see deference as a weakness, I firmly disagree. Showing respect for others, even your opponents, puts you in a stronger position, not a weaker one. You, Mosie, are practicing the old conventional thinking, that has already proven NOT to work.

  9. Kim

    Every citizen of the United States should support the president, even if they did not vote for that person. My parents voted for McGovern, but I did not ever hear my dad, a veteran, ridiculing Mr. Nixon, even after Watergate. Support means respectfully disagreeing and giving suggestions, comments, criticisms etc. to the sitting president. That is our job to be informed, and constantly question our elected officials. It is not appropriate to make them look bad by ridiculing a sincere gesture. It was also not right to criticize President Bush for the handholding.

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