44-D’s Book Diaries: Stephen King’s Under the Dome

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king2 copy“I tried this once before when I was a lot younger, but the project was just too big for me. But it was a terrific idea and it never entirely left my mind . . . and every now and then it would say write me, and eventually I did. I sure hope people like it.”~~Stephen King

In Stephen King’s mesmerizing new masterpiece – his biggest, most riveting novel since The Stand – a Maine town and its inhabitants are isolated from the world by an invisible, impenetrable dome.

under-the-domeOn an entirely normal, beautiful Autumn day in Chester’s Mill, Maine, the town is inexplicably and suddenly sealed off from the rest of the world by an invisible force field – the Dome. Planes fall from the sky in flaming wreckage, a gardener’s hand is severed at the wrist and people running errands in the neighboring town are divided from their families. Dale Barbara, Iraq vet, teams up with a few intrepid citizens against the town’s corrupt politician. But time, under the Dome, is running out . . .

Celebrated storyteller Stephen King returns to his roots in this tour de force featuring more than 100 characters – some heroic, some diabolical – some and a supernatural element as baffling and chilling as any he’s ever conjured.

Stephen King appeared on Good Morning America this morning to discuss his new thriller, out today, “Under the Dome,” which he says can be read as a metaphor for the American condition. He had the idea for the book in the 70’s… will it be successful and relevant today?

Jake Tapper: I’m in Stephen King’s New Book? Huh?

Read an excerpt from Under the Dome


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4 responses to “44-D’s Book Diaries: Stephen King’s Under the Dome

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  2. Anne

    very interesting that he had the original idea soooo long ago but waited this long to actually write it out! Thanks for the review, I’ve been trying to find out more about this book before buying it. I also saw another one here that talked about his influences in writing it. Lots of insightful info from him there.

    • audiegrl

      Thanks for stopping by. I started on the book a couple of days ago, and it reminds me of the character rich writing of *The Stand*. I’m only about 100 pages in, but it’s a really good read. But not for the weak-armed. That sucker is heavy!!! 😉

  3. audiegrl

    Okay, I finished all 1074 pages. 😉

    It was very, very good. Also, included in the story were real life cable news pundits. Wolf “Wolfie” Blitzer, Candy Crowley, Suzanne Malvoux, Anderson Cooper from CNN and Jake Tapper from ABC News.

    There was no mention of MSNBC pundits at all, and only one or two disparaging lines about Fox News.

    This was also the first fiction I’ve read this year that included President Obama as the sitting President.

    Never one to miss an opportunity, Stephen King’s main villain in the novel is named Jim Rennie, a Second Selectman of Chester Mills, Maine. Rennie is a evangelical car salesman, who has a penchant for demagoguery and murder, when he doesn’t get his way. As a side note, Rennie has a photo of himself shaking Sarah Palin’s hand on his desk and doesn’t believe Prez Obama was born in this country.

    So the Birther’s have finally made it into popular fiction. Really, I guess that is where they belong. 😉

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