First Lady Michelle Obama Guests on ‘Sesame Street‘ 40th Anniversary Show

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Four first ladies have been on the children’s program over the years: Mrs. Obama, Laura Bush, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barbara Bush. But Michelle Obama, born on Jan. 17, 1964, is the only who was growing up as “Sesame Street” turned America on to Big Bird, Cookie Monster and the rest of the gang.

michelleobamaonsesamestreetDaily Politics/Lynn Sweet—Today in a pre-recorded segment, Mrs. Obama joins Elmo and Big Bird to mark the 40th anniversary of “Sesame Street.”

The first episode of the new season on Tuesday hits exactly on the anniversary of the show’s premiere in 1969. You may know, as avid followers of the first lady, that this is Mrs. Obama’s second “Sesame Street” appearance; she was quite excited in May about meeting Elmo at the show’s studios in Astoria, Queens, to tape a public service announcement.

I never thought I’d be on ‘Sesame Street’ with Elmo and Big Bird and I was thrilled. I’m still thrilled. I’m on a high. I think it’s probably the best thing I’ve done at the White House,” she said then.

She also taped her segment for the anniversary show during the same visit. In that skit, Mrs. Obama is back at plugging gardening and health eating with three children — an African American boy and two girls — one Asian American, the other white. Together they plant tomato, cucumber, carrot and lettuce seeds in a makeshift garden box, with Mrs. Obama kibitzing with the kids, Elmo and Big Bird.

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