44-D Friday Night Video Jukebox Edition 

Brought to You by, TheLCster

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Why Can’t People Just Admit they Like Bob Fosse?

bobfosseThis is the second video that I know of that Beyoncé has done that pays tribute to Bob Fosse! Take it from me people, check this man out, he is worth it. He’s the most talented man to touch a pair of jazz shoes.

Start your weekend out right by taking some time to feel the rhythm and see where it takes you…

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11 responses to “44-D Friday Night Video Jukebox Edition 

  1. maplesyrup21

    interesting video

  2. audiegrl

    Hey Ogenec

    I think theLCster just pushed your button 😉

  3. SouthernGirl2

    Wasn’t Beyonce’s concert cancelled recently? I can’t remember where tho?

    Have a great week-end Audiegrl!

  4. Big Spender Sequence from Sweet Charity
    Bob Fosse choreographer

    • audiegrl

      hey geo

      thanks for posting this video. 🙂 Bob Fosse was incredible.

      In the early 80’s my dance coach took us to a Master’s Class in Chicago. You can only imagine how stunned we were when Fosse stepped out! He was born in Chicago, so he always tried to come back home to help the dance community. And yes, he taught the class in his classic blacks and a cigarette in his hand. LOL

      Since Beyonce has been doing these videos, some people online have been grumbling about Bob Fosse rolling over in his grave because she ripped off his moves.

      IMHO, Fosse would be thrilled to have his style of choreography be introduced to new generation of dancers. I mean seriously, that’s all you can hope for… to be remembered. 🙂

      • It’s called an homage AG, I’m sure Fosse was enlightened enough to be flattered by imitation…

        • audiegrl

          I know 😉 There must be some Fosse purists out there. LOL

          When ever I see Michael Jackson dancing in Thriller or Beat It I always think of choreographer Michael Peters. He had the moves. Sadly, we lost him to AIDS, but his dancing lives on.

  5. thelcster

    haha you guys always catch me when i dont check for a few days dont you?! i consider myself a fosse purist but like the new star trek movie i condone the new generation as this might be the only way they get experience with the greats. ill just keep posting videos for you guys for now. glad you liked it ogenec!

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