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Robert Clark Seger

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Bob Seger

A roots rocker with a classic raspy, shouting voice, Seger was first inspired by Little Richard and Elvis Presley. He wrote and recorded songs that dealt with blue-collar themes. Seger has recorded many rock and roll hits, including “Night Moves,” “Turn the Page,” “Like a Rock” and also co-wrote the Eagles number one hit “Heartache Tonight.” His iconic signature song “Old Time Rock and Roll” was named one of the Songs of the Century in 2001. With a career spanning five decades, Seger continues to perform and record today.
Seger’s songs have been covered by many artists including Thin Lizzy and Metallica.
Seger was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004.

Night Moves…

Like A Rock…

Old Time Rock & Roll

“Come Go With Me” by The Del Vikings was the first record he bought..

Seger also co-wrote the Eagles number one hit "Heartache Tonight"

Favorite Album: Live At The Apollo (1963)

Bob Seger discography

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Video: Last Night’s Appearance By First Lady Michelle Obama on The Jay Leno Show

Leno wanted to know what she whispers to her husband after his speeches.
“I usually ask him, did he take out the garbage?” .

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "michelle", posted with vodpod

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44-D Friday Night Video Jukebox Edition 

Brought to You by, TheLCster

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Why Can’t People Just Admit they Like Bob Fosse?

bobfosseThis is the second video that I know of that Beyoncé has done that pays tribute to Bob Fosse! Take it from me people, check this man out, he is worth it. He’s the most talented man to touch a pair of jazz shoes.

Start your weekend out right by taking some time to feel the rhythm and see where it takes you…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Fox News…You Lie! Again…

Treasury Department Special Master Ken Feinberg

Treasury Department Special Master Ken Feinberg

Talking Points Memo/David Kurtz/Christina Bellantoni—If you’ve had Fox News on today, you’ve seen them cranking up the indignation machine over a supposed new incident between the network and the White House. The claim is that the White House denied Fox the same access other networks had to a press briefing at the Treasury Department yesterday. But we’ve looked into it, and it turns out that’s not what happened. Christina Bellantoni has the details on how a miscommunication over the TV pool feed has Fox playing First Amendment victim.


More the whole story @ tpmlogosmall talking points memo

Note to Huffington Post: With all due respect. You still have a splashy banner in your Media section, “Networks Revolt Against White House Fox News Boycott”, the only problem, the story you sourced from (only) Fox is wrong. TPM has proven it with some investigative reporting. Multiple commentators, of the 7,300 there are linking to the TPM story in an effort to get you to take down the erroneous banner…Come on now…help us out!

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It is Official, Fox Fabricated the “denied access” Story…

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The Man Who Should Be Playing Barack Obama on SNL

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________44-D 1st-Person_________

Crosson holding a newspaper headlining election victory for Barack Obama

Crosson holding a newspaper headlining election victory for Barack Obama

Meet Iman Crosson. He’s an American actor, impressionist, dancer and singer known on various Internet websites under the pseudonym “Alphacat,” and is best known for his impersonations of U.S. President Barack Obama.

During the summer of the 2008 U.S. Presidential election campaign, Crosson came to our attention after winning Denny’s Restaurant’s nationwide contest for the best impressionist of the then-candidate Barack Obama. Obama’s election victory brought recognition for Crosson’s comedy-, vocal-, musical-, and dance-laden video characterizations of a President during national crisis.

Within months of the election, Crosson was featured on numerous entertainment, culture, and news television shows, blogs and newspapers, earning a personal invitation to perform at Aretha Franklin’s March 2009 birthday celebration. Crosson has engagements at corporate events, parts in national commercials, and voice-over parts on Newsweek.com’s The District and on two prime time television shows in production.

Iman Crosson

Iman Crosson

In 44D’s interview with Crosson today, we wanted to know if he had heard from SNL. He replied, “no one has contacted me…. I’d never expect them to. They’re SNL, I doubt they’re worried about internet talent. At least I don’t think…” Although Crosson is being very modest, his youtube fans don’t agree.

The online fans that follow his Alphacat channel are very anxious to see Crosson on SNL. But Crosson explains the difficulty, “I’m not sure if there’s anything to do to get Loren Michael’s attention. I think most of the sketch comedy shows are pretty tightly knit unless you complete a certain set of requirements or fit them at least, you simply aren’t looked at.” When asked for a preview of projects in the future, he tells us, “I have a project coming up for Halloween that you wanna stay tuned for. It’s gonna be insane“.

Finally we asked if President Obama had seen his impression, to which he replied, “I’m not sure, but I like to imagine he has! That would be great.”

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama

When DailyIntel asked Crosson his secret to mastering the president-elect? He replied, “It’s all in the speech patterns and vocal cadences, and a whole lot of uhhs. I’ve learned to lower my register a little bit. He’s very pensive. He puts a lot of thought in what he’s about to say. Sometimes, he’ll highlight a word in a sentence. He might reiterate a word under his breath.”

Says Crosson: “One thing that has been important to me is to make it funny without making it profane or obscene. My ultimate hope is that Obama will see it one day and laugh.”

Atlantic blogger Ta-nehisi Coates weighs in in favor of Crosson too, writing that “you don’t have to be black to do a good impersonation of a black dude. I like Darrell Hammond’s Jesse Jackson a lot more than Keenan Thompson’s Al Sharpton–but you do have to be good. Andrew nominated this cat (Iman Crosson) awhile back.”

Film.com‘s take: “It was one thing to have Armisen portraying Obama when he was a mere candidate, but now that SNL knows that it will need someone to play the 44th president for another four seasons at least, it’s hard to imagine that the show will let this obvious problem area go unaddressed. Armisen is a pro and you can tell he worked at his much-criticized portrayal in the last offseason. He has even gotten some laughs out of his mimicry of Obama’s deliberate speaking patterns. But since anyone who has visited YouTube in the past two years knows that good Obama impersonators aren’t hard to find, why can’t Lorne Michaels see fit to hire one

This video is a spoof of the Jamie Foxx Blame It… video. It includes portrayals of Barack and Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, Rod Blogojevich, and Sarah Palin.

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Media Matters: Fox News Has Been Attacking the Obama White House Since January 20th

media matters logolargeMedia Matters—Following Anita Dunn’s description of Fox News as an “arm” of the Republican Party, Fox News personalities have suggested or claimed that the White House declared “war” on the network. In response, Media Matters for America has released a video showing the factually inaccurate smears, blatant political organizing, and explicit lobbying that Fox News has engaged in. Many of these activities have been occurring since January 20 and have only increased in frequency as time has passed.

More @ mediamatterslogo

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Joe Wilson’s Wife Roxanne Has Swine Flu

sROXANNE-WILSON-largeCNN—Rep. Joe Wilson’s wife Roxanne has been diagnosed with swine flu, the congressman’s office confirmed to CNN on Thursday.

The South Carolina Republican who gained instant notoriety in September for shouting “You lie!” at the president told The Hill newspaper on Thursday that he plans to keep his distance from his wife when he returns home this weekend.

Wilson said he plans to get the H1N1 vaccination soon, but only after “the majority of the American people” receive it.

More @ cnnlogosmall


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