Obama Wins Family Monopoly Game: Sparks Right Wing Outrage

monopoly_boardHP/Ian Gurvitz—Press Secretary Robert Gibbs announced this morning that the President and his family played a game of monopoly in the White House kitchen this past Sunday, which the President won. Reaction from the right was instantaneous and vitriolic.

Bill O’Reilly decried the callousness with which the President of the United States would treat the real estate crisis as “just some game” when so many Americans are losing their homes to foreclosure, showing how out-of-touch he is with the concerns of regular folks, and once again showing his imperiousness as he “fiddles while Rome burns.”

Similarly outraged, Glenn Beck demonstrated on a blackboard how the President’s buying Short Line, Pennsylvania, B & O Railroads and the Electric Company were a clear indication of his Socialist plot for a complete government takeover of industry, not to mention the obvious land-grabbing in the game itself. Beck noted that the building of houses and hotels on properties such as Park Place clearly showed the President’s intention to place SRO hotels and substandard public housing in upscale neighborhoods, inevitably leading to class warfare and revolution, as outlined in Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto.

Sean Hannity questioned the President’s victory in the game, itself, insinuating that perhaps it was indicative of shady financial dealings, particularly in the purchase of Illinois Avenue, which is “of course, the result one would expect when you’re dealing with Chicago politics, payoffs, bribes and cronyism.”


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8 responses to “Obama Wins Family Monopoly Game: Sparks Right Wing Outrage

  1. Obama’s typically urbane reply to his critics, noting that in the interests of bi-partisanship, he had donated his ‘Get Out Of Jail Free’ card to Scooter Libby, did nothing to stem the tide of vitriol, as his detractors accused him of being out of touch with the common American with his “New York humor”.

    • there’s a whole lot of “common American’s” who think he’s doing okay and I’m one of them. 🙂

    • audiegrl

      What is New York humor? I thought the dude was from Chicago by way of Hawaii. 😉

      • a reference to a bit from The West Wing where some Christian conservatives comment negatively on “New York humor” meaning Jewish humor. seemed an out-there enough thing for extreme conservatives to criticize Obama with, i.e. it makes no sense and panders to lowest common denominator fear-mongering spin.

        • audiegrl

          Sort of like calling the President ‘urbane’

          As far as I can tell, the far-right-wing has no lowest common denominator 😉

  2. Tammy

    Are you all kidding me? He was playing a board game with his family! Nothing more nothing less. We WANT parents to spend more time with their children but when HE (Obama) does, you all take a Wonderful family time and turn it into what he is doing in politics.
    Geez do we HAVE to take a nice family game and turn it into all of this?
    I don’t like him as a President, didn’t vote for him, but……………..he can’t even play a board game with his family on a Sunday afternoon and EVERYONE goes at him?

  3. Anonymous

    These right wing restrictionist reglious fanatics are so full of…. from one side of their months they spew how god wants and expects us to protect marriage and family and out of the other side of their forked tongues months they pick on a president who is spending time with his family. Wish they would make up their twisted minds which way do they want it? Oh yeah all their way!!!! Well all the empty headed loser sheeple can follow blindly if they want but I want nothing to do with it or them.

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