White House’s Anita Dunn: Fox News An Outlet For GOP Propaganda


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2 responses to “White House’s Anita Dunn: Fox News An Outlet For GOP Propaganda

  1. it’s a mistake for the Whitehouse to overtly engage Fox.. they should let outside agents (blogs) handle that. This just feeds the beast and the beast is voracious.

    • audiegrl

      I was a bit surprised by the new strategy, but also secretly pleased. If I’m sick of the propaganda spewing out of Clusterfox being reported as factual news, I can only imagine what the White House must feel like. This should be interesting. 😉

      I think Anita was also making the point to the MSM, who continues to give air-time and credence to statements that are flat out lies and distortions. (i.e. deathers, birthers, 10thers) As long as the MSM keeps portraying these ideas as valid opposition points, then I think the WH should push back. Fox is not the only problem here, there seems to be a willingness in the press to push outrageous claims and opinions to get higher ratings. While they are doing that, an honest discussion of the facts is impossible. And that’s what we need in the country, spirited but respectful debate. We don’t need the political freak show that is going on now.

      Just like this summer when thousands of pro-reform activists attended rallies to promote health care reform, what did we see on our TV machines? Tea baggers carring offensive signs, tea baggers carrying guns, and generally shouting and screaming their way into their own 15-minutes of fame. The MSM didn’t even bother to show the big, peaceful pro-reform rallies. It was just too boring, and their viewers raised on reality TV shows, wanted to see a fight. So that is what they covered. 😉

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