New Rule: Everyone Deserves Equal Rights by Bill Maher

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billmaherposterBill Maher—Everyone deserves equal rights. That’s why they’re called “equal” and “rights.” Tomorrow night President Obama will speak before a gay rights group, and on Sunday there will be a massive gay rally in Washington, or as I call it, the Million Mo March. Which makes this weekend the perfect time for Obama to announce he’s repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell” and committing to a full-throated endorsement of gay marriage. One, because it’s the right thing to do and two, because it will throw the conservative base into such a frenzied, pants-shitting panic that they’ll drop all that BS about death panels and socialism and let us all get some actual work done.

But of course that’s not going to happen. I can tell you what the president is going to tell his audience tomorrow: How much he supports them. How much he agrees with them. And how he wishes he was President so he could help them out. But here’s the thing about being president. There isn’t a lot you can do without either Congress, Oprah or Goldman Sachs behind you. But there is one thing the president can do with the stroke of a pen: He can let gays serve openly in the military. It’s called an executive order. Harry Truman wrote one in 1948 for blacks in the military, and that was that.

Don’t ask, don’t tell” has always been bad policy that was made out of a bullshit political compromise. You know, like you’re doing now with health care. It never made sense to begin with: “Here in the Army we’re all about honor. And trusting the man next to you. Now lie to my face about your sexuality, Johnson, or I’ll report you behind your back.” But forget all the good arguments for repeal, like because it was promised to us in the campaign or because it gets lonely on a submarine. Do it because it’ll make Rush Limbaugh explode like a bag full of meat dropped from a helicopter. Do it because it’ll make Sarah Palin go rogue in her pants.

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Bill’s humor is not for the faint of heart (NSFW), but he often gets right to the root of the problem with our elected politician’s and the people in our country obsessed by politics. Yes, people like us. 🙂

He has interesting guests and always ends each episode with a ‘New Rules” segment. Lately he has been posting his New Rules on Huffington Post on Friday mornings, letting readers see what he will be covering that night.

Bill Maher is a award winning comedian and Host of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” which you can catch on Fridays at 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time on HBO.


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4 responses to “New Rule: Everyone Deserves Equal Rights by Bill Maher

  1. After watching Maher tonight on health care and how “vaccines cause the flu”

    I have to wonder if he isn’t hitting the pipe a little to often these days… he’s kinda’ in the 9/11 truthers mode sometimes.

    • audiegrl

      I haven’t watched it yet, but have it DVR’d. I heard he made that statement about people not getting the swine flu vaccines earlier this week. That seems like a very unproductive statement to me. Just read that another teenaged girl in Naperville just died from H1N1. So that is really not what he needs to be telling people. IMHO.

      I don’t always agree with his New Rules or show, but he usually has interesting guests and sometimes hits the nail right on the head.

      Hey Bill, put the bong down! 😉

  2. right to the root of the problem? Maybe for liberals but not for the issue.

    In my opinion he only exasperates the problem. The issue isn’t about bigotry, civility, or ability to serve. The issue is does sexual orientation need to be known to serve our country. I don’t think that it has anything to do with following orders in the military.

    The reason DADT was put into place was to allow gays to serve and not affect the functionality of the mission. Now if you want them to serve openly you would need to accommodate the situations that would be complicated with homosexuals and heterosexuals in close quarters.

    Back then the Military didn’t want to make those arrangements… Although we have come along way in the 15 years since… i doubt that changes the Military’s mission much.

    • Sounds like you’re in favor of doing away with DADT, good for you. The sooner we get over our collective juvenility surrounding sex the better off we’ll be in general, that’s my opinion.

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