Obama channels Ali in health care prize fight

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Will the president’s ‘rope-a-dope’ strategy prevail?

By Howard Fineman
The Beltway consensus, aka the conventional wisdom, has turned on President Barack Obama.
Pundits, including me, are stressing his flaws and mistakes. So now is the time for me to get ahead of the crowd again and suggest that perhaps he actually knows what he’s doing — at least on health care.

Whether he will achieve real reform is a different question, but he does seem to have a strategy for getting a bill to his desk.

Alis  Rope-a-dope in action

Ali's "Rope-a-dope" in action

A fan of Muhammad Ali, the president is deploying the political version of the Champ’s most famous tactic. It’s called the “rope-a-dope.”

By not committing to one plan — by not moving to the center of the ring — Obama is leaving himself free to try to pick and choose among the elements of the five different bills now on the table. Sen. Harry Reid and Speaker Nancy Pelosi will take the lead in boiling them down.

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HMO stocks drop after reform bill budget analysis

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One response to “Obama channels Ali in health care prize fight

  1. audiegrl

    After watching Obama from my perch in Illinois since 2003, I concur with Howard Fineman’s assessment. 🙂

    He does this time and time again. He did this in Illinois, he did this while running for the US Senate, and he consistently did this during the primaries and general election. But still no one understands this, and specifically Democrats should know better.

    This is how he rolls, each and every time. Its almost comical to see people get all riled up and complain about Obama not giving them the change they voted for. As if being belligerent and ham-fisted is the way to archive real change in what has been going on in Washington for decades. Obama is not a dictator, that’s what we had with George W. Bush. All the things they hated about Bush, are now the behaviors they want Obama to use. With even long time Progressive/comedian Bill Mahar telling his audience that Obama needs to be more like Bush. And then recently telling his audience that the only real change between Obama and Bush was the color of the skin of the President.

    When people have screamed and shouted at the top of their lungs, and threatened to primary Obama in future elections or to start a third party.
    When in the end, finished with his rope-a-dop strategy, Obama ends up doing exactly what they had hoped for in the first place. They then congratulate each other, and say Obama got the job done, because they put his feet to the fire. I can’t help myself but to think its all pretty silly. It really says more about them, than it does Obama. His style hasn’t changed one iota in six years.

    Hopefully one day, people will let themselves in on the joke. In case, anyone missed it, he is also doing the rope-a-dope with DADT and DOMA. I am confident that he is committed to getting those done too. Silly rabbit, just wait and see… 🙂

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