‘Madea’ actor-director Tyler Perry reveals history of childhood abuse, molestation

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Writer, producer, and film director Tyler Perry (AP Photo/Shiho Fukada)

Writer, producer, and film director Tyler Perry (AP Photo/Shiho Fukada)

New York Daily News/Chrisena Coleman—Filmmaker Tyler Perry, who is promoting a new movie about an abused teenager, has gone public with brutal memories of his own childhood beatings and molestation.

In an email to fans that has Perry’s admirers buzzing, he recounts various examples of terrible childhood mistreatment – from his father beating him senseless to a neighbor woman molesting him at age 10.

Even his grandmother, the mother of his hated father, became a threat when she objected to his weekly allergy shot, he recalls.

Ain’t nothing wrong with that damn boy – he just got germs on him. Stop wasting all that money,” she said, he recalled.

She came and got me out of the living room leaving my Matchbox cars on the floor. She said she was going to kill these germs on me once and for all. She gave me a bath in ammonia.”

Perry, 38, fled his abusive home in New Orleans and, after a period of homelessness and struggle, became a writer, director, actor and producer.

He is now a mega-millionaire and one of the world’s most influential black filmmakers. He is the producer of “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne” on TV and his movies, including “Diary of a Mad Black Woman,” “Madea’s Family Reunion” and “I Can Do Bad All By Myself” have grossed $400 million.

Along with Oprah Winfrey, he executive produced “Precious,” the story of an illiterate obese teen mom struggling to rise above horrible sexual and mental abuse. The movie opens nationally Nov. 6.

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PreciousPoster2The movie Precious: Based On The Novel ‘Push‘ By Sapphire, is executive produced by Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Parry. Starring Mo’Nique, Paula Patton, Mariah Carey, Lenny Kravitz, Sherri Shepherd, and introducing Gabourey ‘Gabby’ Sidibe. The film is the Winner of the Grand Jury Award, Audience Award, and the Special Jury Prize at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.

(Video NSFW)

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8 responses to “‘Madea’ actor-director Tyler Perry reveals history of childhood abuse, molestation

  1. AND this leads to what? What is the point? He was abused?

    JUST how many under priveliged children suffer the same? Just how many die under the gun? What is his claim, I made it?

    Spare me, alot of “Hollywood stars” are reaching fot the “woe is me” BS. Guess what, I DO NOT CARE! Your $$$$ contract will far exeed any abused minor, and even mine. CRAP OUT! No sympathy here.

    • audiegrl

      Hey Rick, welcome.

      What I took from the story is that he is trying to be open about his past of suffering from child abuse/molestation. Tyler Perry is an icon and hero to many African-American children. So if his story helps even ‘one’ child to come forward and tell a parent, or teacher, or minister, or someone in the community, that they are being abused…then what Tyler did will be worth it.

      I cannot speak for Tyler, but from what I’ve read in the past, an adult who was an abused child has feelings of self-loathing and guilt and all kinds of negative feelings, and the amount of money they make does nothing to take those feelings away. So its not that simple.

      For many people who were abused as children, just the fact that they admit the abuse, out loud, and to the world, is the first step towards healing themselves. I can only hope that this will help him and others too. 🙂

  2. paganscorp8

    I am an abuse survivor and found, that when I began talking about it as part of my healing, others felt safer to open up about it, get help, and understand that they are not alone. As a teenager I was able to help 2 friends get out of abusive situations because I was open about my experiences and have since been a source of support and comfort to many others.

    I also experienced some really negative and hostile responses, even from some close friends. We are all horrified by the subject and sometimes project that outward as a defense against our feelings of discomfort, guilt and/or powerlessness. It’s understandable, but robs us of the ability to feel compassion for the person victimized.

    I think for a major celebrity to be open and vocal about childhood abuse is absolutely critical on the path to ending it. It must see the light of day to be addressed and when a person with a following of millions puts it out there, I consider it brave and a huge step forward, a very powerful way of “giving back”.

    • audiegrl

      Welcome paganscorp8, 🙂

      Thank you for sharing your personal story with us. I totally agree, it makes some people uncomfortable, which is why its even more important for the story to get out. We have to shine a bright light on the abuse of children, no matter how uncomfortable it makes some people, because there is no place for than in a civilized society.

  3. audiegrl: “icon and hero”, really “icon”???

    So much abuse in society, particularly against the youngest. OK, He presents an opportunity for others to speak out, but, to me this just screams of the “look at me, woe is me, pity me”, play to the sympathy crowd. I DON’T buy it!

    HIS opportunities FAR exceed any other abused child. HIS opportunities are unattainable to the masses. HOW DID HE succeed? What were his leverage and advantages? A HUGE HOLE is missing in the reporting! Don’t buy it, Don’t accept the premise, Don’t agree “he” achieved this level on his own.

    I DO AGREE that if the story supports, entices, helps ANY abused child to find the courage to report abuse of any kind then the end result is fantastic. JUST ONE makes a positive statement. Just too bad the “star” has to promote him/her self that way to make a difference.

    • audiegrl

      I’m sorry Rick, but I don’t get the same negative feelings that you do regarding Tyler coming out about his abuse.

      You seem to think that his revelation is more about money than it is about closure. How much money would it be worth for the whole world to know that you, Rick were sexually abused? To have the entire world know your secret. For people who see you on the street or television or movies, to whisper and point, ‘hey, that’s the guy who was sexually abused‘. I really can’t see that any amount of millions would be worth that type of reality, especially for people that are famous or in the public eye. As paganscorp8 explained above, it is a very difficult process to go through.

      Yes, Tyler Perry is a icon and a hero to many African-American children. He is a Black man who owns his own movie studio in Hollywood. I can think of no other examples of this. He produces his own television shows, writes, stars, and produces his own movies and executive produces many other movies, as well.
      So for the budding young Black actor, or filmmaker, Tyler’s accomplishments are what they would like to have when they grow up. It gives them encouragement that one day they might have a possible future in show business.

      Tyler’s movies make millions of dollars on their own, with no publicity regarding child abuse. His last Medea movie a month ago, debuted at the top selling movie on opening weekend. His new movie ‘Precious’ is an award-winning film about child abuse and molestation. Maybe after producing that movie with Oprah, (who was also sexually abused as a child), he felt that the time was right to tell the world about his abuse.

      So for this instance, I will have to believe that he told the truth about his abuse for personal reasons, and to help others. I wish more people would do that. 🙂

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  5. SouthernGirl2


    I’m co-signing on all you stated! Good job!

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