Rachel Maddow: The Truth About ACORN Series (Part Five)

Posted by Audiegrl

The Rachel Maddow Show

This is the fifth segment of a series that The Rachel Maddow Show will be telling the truth about the lies about ACORN and the right-wing political machine that took them down.

Continuing a TRMS Investigates series, Rachel profiles notorious lobbyist Rick Berman whose nefarious clients now include the ACORN smear campaign.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "five", posted with vodpod

Click here for Part One

Click here for Part Two

Click here for Part Three

Click here for Part Four


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2 responses to “Rachel Maddow: The Truth About ACORN Series (Part Five)

  1. I loved parts 2,3 and 5– parts 1 and 4 kind of dragged 😉

    • audiegrl

      I’m just glad she is covering this. No one else is bothering to investigate who is behind the destroy ACORN bandwagon. Hell even George W. Bush funded them.

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