White House Calls Out Fox News and Glenn Beck By Name For Lying

Posted by Buellboy

glenn-beck-tin-foil-hat-thumbTPM—In a new post on the official White House blog, an administration official specifically names Fox News for lying about the administration’s push to bring the Olympics to Chicago.

“Last night Fox News continued its disregard for the facts,” the post begins, “in an attempt to smear the Administration’s efforts to win the Olympics for the United States.”

The author, White House online programs director Jesse Lee, goes on to point out several quotes from Glenn Beck, which it says are lies, and the truth behind them. (“Rhetoric: Beck said Vancouver lost $1 billion when it ‘had the Olympics.’ … Reality: Vancouver’s Olympics Will Not Take Place Until 2010.”)

“In the past, hosting the Olympics has been a source of pride and unity for the country, but once again Fox News’ Glenn Beck program has shown that nothing is worthy of respect if it can be used as part of a partisan attack to boost ratings,” Lee writes.

The post ends with a link to Politifact, “for even more Fox lies.”

More @ tpmlogo

Warning: This video is potentially hazardous to your health. It can only be viewed safely if you are wearing a tin-foil hat.


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21 responses to “White House Calls Out Fox News and Glenn Beck By Name For Lying

  1. Interesting that the White House would go so far as to call them out by name. I can’t remember previous administrations doing this- you usually just hear the “Media” generic thrown around.

    • audiegrl

      I remember that President Bush at some point would not do interviews with the New York Times. He ignored poor 89 year old Helen Thomas, sitting in the WH Press Pool front row for years.

      As a final insult, Bush’s dog Barney bit a report. Now that was funny! 😉

      But on a serious note, I’m actually glad the WH blog called out the lies. But then I don’t consider Fox News as a legitimate news organization. They are really just another arm of the Republican party. A true news organization reports the news, they don’t promote and participate in the news.

  2. That guy on the right is a Democrat who was kidnapped and re-programmed in the Foxnews Pod Chamber… he now regurgitates lies like singing telegrams…

    • audiegrl

      Your right, Pat Caddell has lost it. I’ll bet you he was watching Clusterfox without his tin-foil hat on. That is what caused him to loose his marbles. 😉

  3. bassackwards

    Geez, I wonder how much Valerie Jarrett (senior advisor to Obama and “like a sister to him”) stands to make from the Chicago Olympics?

    You know, the same Valerie who was “so delighted” that the administration was able to recruit Van Jones into the white house, the same Van Jones (they’d) been watching since he was active in Oakland… the communist, 9/11 truther, the guy who wanted the cop killer released. But, Obama (pseudo brother to Jarrett) somehow knew nothing about this. Very strange indeed.

    Then the there’s the NEA. You know that NEA that created propaganda art for Obama… and Buffy Wicks who did it under the direction of Jarrett (who is like Obama’s sister) yet Obama knew nothing about it. Very interesting.

    And then there’s the matter of Grove Park in Chicago. Managed by her company and a slum that Federal inspectors ranked 11 out of 100. You’d think Obama would ask her about something like this right? I mean she is like a sister to him, (or so he says).

    Instead of calling out Beck because he mistakenly said the Vancouver Olympics instead of Calgary Olympics… yes, that’s right he corrected himself on his show today, demand that the Obama water carrying media get off of their ass and do some real journalism.

    Because apparently, Obama doesn’t know that Jarrett was a lobbyist for the Chicago Olympic bid before she became Obama’s special advisor. The same Obama who said “I have done more to take on lobbyists then any other candidate in this race… blah, blah, blah.”


    • What do you have against the Olympics returning to The U.S.?

      Or did you just run out of things to “blame on Obama” ? Seems to me you’re spending waaaay too much of your free time obsessed with Obama, it ain’t healthy, chum.

      I say alleluia, praise Jesus! I would love for Chicago to be the host for the Summer Olympics 2016. It will be great for our country.

      Funny how Beck “knows” that the 2010 Vancouver Olympics “lost $1 billion” considering they haven’t happened yet… Beck is good at making shit up.

    • BTW: Beck should talk to his Republican brother Peter Ueberroth about the L.A. games 1984 … (and MOST Olympics since)

      now THAT’S the example we should follow and repeat.

      “But during the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics the IOC (and the city) managed to make a profit of $250 million (without borrowing a cent from the government). Since then the Olympics has been mainly a profit-making venture on the part of those applying. They’re looking to make as much money off of tourism and sports fans as possible.”


    • audiegrl

      Hey bassackwards, I thought we had lost you 🙂

      Today, I’m not really feeling up to snuff, so I won’t be able to joust with you. I got a flu shot over the weekend, and its been down hill from there.

      But I will just add that I hope that the Olympics do come to Chicago. As an Illinois resident, this will probably be the only time that I will ever get a chance to go to the Olympics.

      Plus, I think it would be a boost for the American economy, job market, and mood of the country. Not just for Chicago, but for the whole country.

      When was the last time Americans pulled together as a country around something that was good? Most of the time it is over some tragedy, so this would be a pleasant change of pace.

      I will leave all the conspiracy theories about Van Jones, Valerie Jarrett, and NEA to you. 😉

  4. bassackwards

    Wow, you are just like the mainstream media. To hell with the facts, “All hail Obama!”

    • No I’m like a free thinking human being

      “all hail ACTUAL facts”

      “down with regurgitated Glenn Beck drivel”

    • sorry to lean on you dude but cmon’ — there’s nothing wrong with wanting the Olympics for Chicago, great city in a great country…


      not a political wedge issue.

      • audiegrl

        Hey guys, if the orangutan and the hound-dog can learn to get along, I know we can! 😉

        This is so cute, I just can’t stop posting it.

  5. bassackwards

    Hey… if I can’t get you to bite on my Valerie Jarrett beat down, can anyone tell me what’s going on in Hardin, MT? Conspiracy or ???

  6. or how about a VERY well funded citizen militia? (as in Right Wing)

    Is “American Police Force” the Next Great Militia?


  7. here you go:

    Calif. jail entrepreneur has checkered past
    By MATTHEW BROWN (AP) – 1 hour ago

    Hardin’s leaders were desperate to fill the $27 million jail, which has sat empty since its 2007 completion.
    So when Hilton came to town last week — wearing a military-style uniform and offering three Mercedes SUVs for use by local law enforcement — he was greeted with hugs by some grateful residents. The promise of more than 200 new jobs for a community struggling long before the recession hit had won them over.

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