Senator Max Baucus, “Whose Side Are You On”

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Courtesy of The Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Democracy For America


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4 responses to “Senator Max Baucus, “Whose Side Are You On”

  1. audiegrl

    That’s a really powerful ad. It’s awful what this man and his family had to go through. I hope Max Baucus is listening.

  2. ogenec

    Gosh. I have to say that I detest this ad. Almost as much as I detested the “General Betray-Us” ad aimed at Petraeus.

    Here are a few questions. How much would insurance cost for this young man and his family under the Baucus plan? How much of a subsidy would he be entitled to? How would that amount compare to what he would have paid without the Baucus plan? And wouldn’t the Baucus plan prevent the very thing he complained of — insurers refusing to cover him because of a pre-existing condition?

    Unless we know the answers to these questions, it’s premature (and infantile) to level these kind of charges. Verdict first, evidence later?

    • I can see where you’re coming from Ogenec, but at this point the only thing these politicians will respond to is intense pressure and with so much at stake I see this ad as effectively condensing the issue via a real world example. “This is not an actor”

    • audiegrl

      I really liked the ad Ogenec. 🙂 For me it has much more relevance to have an actual person talking about what happened to him and his family. They are a perfect example of a family just one major illness away from bankruptcy. Millions of Americans go bankrupt each year from examples just like this man. To me its much more powerful to have a ‘real person’ talk about how having no insurance affected his life, rather than paid actors like Harry and Louise.

      This is his constituent, who had to resort to his neighbors having bake sales to raise money for him. He is asking Bacus a question, but just doing it in a very public manner. I hope Baucus will see this ad, and start fighting for his people. 🙂

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