The Strange Case Of The Philandering, Muslim-Threat-Hyping FBI Agent

Posted by Buellboy

Fmr. FBI Agent John Guandolo

Fmr. FBI Agent John Guandolo

I know its been mentioned on 44D before, but what the heck is going on with all these over-sexed Republicans?

Just askin’

TPMMuckracker’s Justin Elliott has the scoop…

TPMMuckracker/Justin Elliott—An FBI agent who worked on the corruption case of former Louisiana Congressman William Jefferson resigned after superiors found a list he wrote of his sexual conquests with agents and a confidential source, according to court documents.

The same agent, John Guandolo, who is married and who unsuccessfully solicited a $75,000 donation for an anti-terrorism group from a wealthy witness in the Jefferson case with whom he was having an affair, resigned from the FBI and appears to have landed on his feet on the speaking circuit playing up the threat of Islamic terrorism.

The affair list was first reported by Allan Lengel at

The relationship between Guandolo and key government informant Lori Mody, a former tech executive for whom Guandolo worked undercover as a driver, failed to derail the Jefferson conviction after a judge ruled it irrelevant this week.

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5 responses to “The Strange Case Of The Philandering, Muslim-Threat-Hyping FBI Agent

  1. audiegrl


    Not sure BB, but they do seem to be rather frisky of late.

    Between all the sexscapades of John Ensign & Mark Sandford and having to see Tom Delay shake his butt on TV. My mind is in overload, and I’m totally confused… 😉

  2. thelcster

    it’s all that butt shaking bb! how can this country ever hope to separate religion and state? we can’t even separate sex and state!

    • audiegrl

      Those Repubs are freaky-deaky. 😉

      • buellboy

        I’m just amazed how these folks land on their feet totally unscathed. A five minute scandal for the FBI then it’s off to the lecture circuit making 10,000 an appearance!

        • audiegrl

          That only works well for Republicans. You don’t see Eliot Spitzer or John Edwards doing any speeches on the lecture circuit. I think Spitzer is trying to make his way back, but at a much slower pace. 🙂

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