President Obama Sends Letters to IOC Members: Promises ‘spectacular’ 2016 Olympics in Chicago

Chicago Olympics 2016

Chicago Olympics 2016

AP/Stephen Wilson—President Barack Obama has written to International Olympic Committee members promising the United States would “welcome the world with open arms” if Chicago is awarded the 2016 Summer Games.

“The City of Chicago is designed to host global celebrations and it will deliver a spectacular Olympic experience for one and all,” Obama said in a letter to IOC members that was obtained by The Associated Press.

The 338-word typed form letter, dated Sept. 10, is addressed to individual members and bears the signature of the president. It raises the possibility of Obama going to Copenhagen to push the Chicago bid at the Oct. 2 vote.

Chicago _ seeking to host the Summer Olympics for the first time since 1996 _ is in a tight contest with Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo and Madrid.

“I deeply appreciate the tremendous work of the Olympic Movement and wish to convey my strong support for Chicago 2106,” Obama said in the letter, citing the “transformative power” of the Olympics to unite people.

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3 responses to “President Obama Sends Letters to IOC Members: Promises ‘spectacular’ 2016 Olympics in Chicago

  1. audiegrl

    This would be great for the US economy. Just think of all the plane tickets, hotel rooms, cabs, trains, restaurants, novelty shops, ect. that would be helped financially from this.

    As someone who lives about an hour or so from Chicago, it would be cool to be able to drive over there for the Olympics, and then drive back home.

    I know for the people who live in Chicago, this will be a pain in the a$$ for parking, which is already bad.

    But I never though that we could ever afford to go to the Olympics, but we could scratch up some gas and ticket money to go to this one. 🙂

    • buellboy

      Illinois spends upwards of 60 million annually in advertising. They really need to funnel some of those funds into a push for 2016. We’ll see if they get out in front of this AG.

      I could see a mayor’s coalition forming to show the Olympic selection committee the entire tri-state area is excited and interested! Also to involve the whole region–not just Chicago.

      You mentioned some people complaining about parking ALREADY! That’s part of the not-in-my-backyard mentality so pervasive here. Hopefully the nay-sayers would change their tune seeing the torch lit at the opening ceremonies on the Chicago lakefront…that would be amazing.

      • audiegrl

        Seriously, I’ve read several different blogs where the Chicago people were up in arms about this. 🙂 I think it would be fantastic, but then I don’t live in Chicago.

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