For the First Time in History: Census Releases Data on Same-Sex Marriages

same sex couples censusThinkProgress/Amanda Terkel—For the first time ever, the Census Bureau has released estimates from the annual American Community Survey (ACS) of same-sex couples who identifed as married spouses in 2008. (Although the Census Bureau has been keeping track of same-sex marriages since 2000, the Bush administration refused to release the data, citing the federal ban on marriage equality.) Nearly 150,000 people said they had a same-sex spouse, and approximately 415,00 identified as “unmarried partners“:

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7 responses to “For the First Time in History: Census Releases Data on Same-Sex Marriages

  1. audiegrl

    150,000 gay couples report they’re married!

    I thought that the Republicans and conservative’s said that if Gay people got married, all the hetero-sexual marriages would end.

    What happened? The world didn’t end…and I’m still married, last time I checked. 😉

    Hopefully this will be a lesson to people. The only thing that can wreck your marriage, is the two people that are in the marriage.

    This is a good move in the right direction. I can’t believe Bush kept this secret for eight years. Oh, right, I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise. 😉

  2. betsmeier

    You are so right Audie and I am going to have my son read this and hopefully come to this blog. 🙂

  3. thelcster

    well well well… low and behold gay people have the right to lead happy love filled prosperous lives and the world hasn’t exploded! lol why don’t they talk about this on fox news? these studies should help with at least some of the ignorance in the world. i think if you explained to bill-o (or anyone else against gay equality rights) the more gay men in the world, the less competition he has he might change his tune!

    • audiegrl

      LMAO Bill-O probably doesn’t think he has any competition at all. Now if you start telling him that loofahs will go away…then you might get his attention. 😉

  4. SanFranRoger

    Wow. Funny how that works.

    Bill O’ – to whom I refer as B.O. – is more than likely a closet case. He who doth protest too much…….Though, that’s a whole other post!

    To have some validation come through the census is a real travesty and somewhat insulting. Repeal and overturn DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) and DADT (Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell) THEN maybe………Civil Unions (Marriage) would follow in many more states.

    I can only hope. :-))

    • audiegrl

      Welcome SanFranRoger, 🙂

      We are all hoping for that too.

      You’re right, Bill-O has a case of something that’s for sure.

      I don’t know what Bush thought he could accomplish by holding back the census report for eight years…

      I’m glad the policy has been changed. Maybe this will be a first step in the right direction, that’s what I’m hoping for. 🙂

  5. Vladimir Lizenko

    Same-sex marriages it is a gloom for the USA and other countries!

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