MSNBC Reporter Heckled At Values Voter Summit

Posted by Audiegrl

I watched this happen live today, and yes, my mouth was hanging open in shock. While reporting this afternoon from the floor of the Values Voter Summit, MSNBC reporter Brian Mooar was heckled by several audience members who said he was being rude and disrespectful.

Why are conservatives so damn angry? We have seen this type of behavior before. At teabag rallies, health care townhalls, and of course recently during the President’s speech about health care in the House of Representatives.

Why are they so put-upon and angry with everyone that doesn’t have the same ideology? Does this entitle them to throw out all forms of civility? Believe me, no one was more upset with Bush and his cronies for the last eight years, than I was. Well maybe Code Pink was more angry. 😉

But it would have never crossed my mind to be openly rude to a Republican. I always felt that we could always channel our anger in a constructive way, like social networking, civil protests, rallies, or ultimately in the voting booth.

This episode today was so far out of left field, that MSNBC now reports that Mooar received a personal apology from Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council, the organization behind the summit. Perkins also said there would be an announcement made telling the audience to be respectful of the press.

I am pretty sure that this was not the picture that Republican’s wanted to show to the world today. Its a very ugly picture.

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Here is another video, but this time they are heckling the Fox reporter. Now when they are even asking the Fox reporter to leave, then you know something is wrong in the universe.


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6 responses to “MSNBC Reporter Heckled At Values Voter Summit

  1. This is all part of a mass “End of Days” fantasy that is running rampant on the fringe—

    chaos brings the 2nd coming of Jesus.

    • audiegrl

      Please don’t let these folks see the trailer for the movie “2012”. They will be running in the streets screaming. 😉 But polls say that 23% of Republican’s think President Obama is the anti-christ, so this should be right up their alley.

  2. LOL: That Foxsnooze guy was perplexed… he thought Fox was the go to network for the wingnuts… apparently even Fox is part of the problem

    • audiegrl

      That’s part of the problem with the unchecked anger on the right. Now that they let that monster loose, they can’t get it back under control. So even a Clusterfox reporter is not safe. 😉 I just saw Tony Perkins on the Ed Show, trying to poo-poo the whole thing. Ed asked him about some of the crazy sessions tomorrow, including the one they called ‘the homosexual agenda being taught in schools’, and Perkins said he wasn’t aware of that, and that he didn’t know about all the curriculum’s being taught at his own conference. Yeah, right. That’s bull crap!

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