Dylan Ratigan Yells At Republican Strategist Brad Blakeman

Posted by Audiegrl

Boy…MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan must have got a new bullcrap meter installed today. First he yelled at Orly Taitz, and now he’s set straight republican strategist, Brad Blakeman.

Get some popcorn and enjoy!


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5 responses to “Dylan Ratigan Yells At Republican Strategist Brad Blakeman

  1. Like most people Dylan Ratigan is getting fatter and more verbose under the pressure of a declining carreer and the realization that he’s made serious personal mistakes. His outburst is a classic manifestation. P.S…Don’t invite someone onto a show just to shout them down because you hold the microphone and control the cameras….it’s weak .
    If Dylan wants to run the country try running for election and have your ego tested in the free market…..I think that’s what America is all about.
    Dylan…how about stepping up to the real job !

    • The same could be said for all these “strategists”

      Like this guy, Brad Blakeman, getting paid to opine from a preset point of view. There is no discussion or exchange of ideas just people talking AT each other.

      • audiegrl

        So true, Geo. They might as well bring back Crossfire. The cable networks are turning into shouting matches.

        Maybe Brad Blakeman finally got on Dylan’s nerves. Blakeman has been on my last nerve for a very long time. 😉

  2. Don Richards

    Go, Go. Go!
    I love it!

    Get me your email address, please.

  3. Steven

    That Republican got owned, by Dylan Ratigan.

    Republicans have no ideas or solutions, they are just the party of No.

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