Volkswagen L1 Concept – 240 mpg!!

Volkswagen L1 Concept Car

Volkswagen L1 Concept Car

“VW’s biggest news at the Frankfurt auto show was the L1 concept, a prototype that “is close to production” and “will be developed,” the company says. Three ingredients were needed to make it happen: a supremely efficient powertrain, great aerodynamics, and lightweight engineering….the L1 looks refined and close to series production, which couldn’t be said of the 2002 concept. It could be on the market as soon as 2013, Volkswagen sources tell us.”

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2 responses to “Volkswagen L1 Concept – 240 mpg!!

  1. buellboy

    The L1 looks a lot like a solar powered car I saw a few years back at the Chicago Auto Show crossed with a single-seater Honda Insight. I just hope this model makes it the showrooms. I can hear the oil industry moaning already about the car that is going to ruin them! lol

  2. audiegrl

    Is it just me? Or does that car look really skinny? 😉

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