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Volkswagen L1 Concept – 240 mpg!!

Volkswagen L1 Concept Car

Volkswagen L1 Concept Car

“VW’s biggest news at the Frankfurt auto show was the L1 concept, a prototype that “is close to production” and “will be developed,” the company says. Three ingredients were needed to make it happen: a supremely efficient powertrain, great aerodynamics, and lightweight engineering….the L1 looks refined and close to series production, which couldn’t be said of the 2002 concept. It could be on the market as soon as 2013, Volkswagen sources tell us.”

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It isn’t the liberals who are fomenting a ‘culture war’

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With everything that has been transpiring in the United States these days, I thought this was an excellent article to post. A friend of mine who lives in SLC emailed it to me today:.

By Leonard Pitts Jr.
The Miami Herald

I don’t know about anyone else, but I believe that there needs to be a bill written that it will be against the law to carry any sort of firearm anywhere near where the President will be speaking, or even anywhere near where he’s going to be. I don’t care if the state law there says they can carry an unconcealed weapon. Good grief, we’ve had one President assassinated, his brother a Senator, MLK the great civil rights leader, and even President Reagan was shot. My thought is “what is this world coming to.”

I don’t know who coined the term “culture war” to describe our political divisions, but I’m reasonably sure he or she intended it only as a figure of speech.
It feels like something else in light of a new report from the Intelligence Project of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors extremist groups. “Terror From the Right” is a listing of bombers, killers, would-be assassins and insurrectionists motivated by anger over abortion, gays, taxes, blacks, Muslims and illegal immigrants.
Which raises an obvious question: What about terror from the left? The SPLC’s Mark Potok says left-wing terror essentially means eco-terrorists, e.g., animal rights extremists. The death toll from their work, he says, is zero.
By contrast, Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people because he was angry at the government, brothers Matthew and Tyler Williams shot two men to death for being gay, James Kopp killed Dr. Barnett Slepian for being an abortion provider, and dozens of other men have been indicted for dozens of other plots to kill thousands of other people with whom they had political disagreements.

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Gregg Mitchell: New TIME Cover on Glenn Beck Ignores Facts, and Worse

Glenn Beck the Brat

Glenn Beck the Brat

Gregg Mitchell/HuffPost—I have no quarrel with TIME magazine devoting a cover to Glenn Beck — so long as the accompanying story sticks to hard facts and harsh truths. The issue coming tomorrow, online today, sadly fails to do so in an apparent effort to woo the rightwing with a ludicrously “balanced” treatment of equally dangerous and wacko “ranting” coming from left and right.

It starts right away with a first paragraph that claims that only “liberal sources” estimated the protest crowd in D.C. last weekend as about 70,000, while conservatives say up to a million or more. Actually, virtually all mainstream media sources, along with nonpartisan factchecking organizations such as PolitiFact, cite the lower number.

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Another article:

Reading The Pictures: Glenn Beck’s Organ. TIME’s Dime by Michael Shaw

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Obama: Soldier’s sacrifice, deserving Medal of Honor, should inspire all Americans

President Barack Obama posthumously awards Army Sgt. 1st. Class Jared C. Monti from Raynham, Mass., the Medal of Honor for his service in Afghanistan, to his parents Paul and Janet Monti, Thursday, Sept. 17, 2009, in the East Room of the White House in Washington. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

President Barack Obama posthumously awards Army Sgt. 1st. Class Jared C. Monti from Raynham, Mass., the Medal of Honor for his service in Afghanistan, to his parents Paul and Janet Monti, Thursday, Sept. 17, 2009, in the East Room of the White House in Washington. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

WhiteHouse.gov—Today, President Barack Obama awarded Staff Sergeant Jared C. Monti, U.S. Army, the Medal of Honor for conspicuous gallantry. Staff Sergeant Monti will receive the Medal of Honor posthumously for his heroic actions in combat in Afghanistan. He displayed immeasurable courage and uncommon valor – eventually sacrificing his own life in an effort to save his comrade. Staff Seargent Monti’s parents, Paul Monti and Janet Monti will join the President at the White House to commemorate their son’s example of selfless service and sacrifice.

Jared C. Monti was born on September 20, 1975. He was a native of Raynham, Massachusetts. He graduated from Bridgewater-Raynham High School. He enlisted in the United States Army in March 1993. He attended Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

His military decorations include: the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, five Army Commendation Medals, four Army Achievement Medals, three Good Conduct Medals, three National Defense Service Medals, to name a few.

He is survived by his Father, Paul Monti, his Mother, Janet Monti, his Sister Niccole Monti, his Brother, Timothy Monti, and his Niece, Carys Monti.

He was posthumously promoted to Sergeant First Class.


The Medal of Honor is awarded to a member of the Armed Forces who distinguishes themselves conspicuously by gallantry above and beyond the call of duty while:

—engaged in an action against an enemy of the United States;

—engaged in military operations involving conflict with an opposing foreign force; or

—serving with friendly foreign forces engaged in an armed conflict against an opposing armed force in which the United States is not a belligerent party.

The meritorious conduct must involve great personal bravery or self-sacrifice so conspicuous as to clearly distinguish the individual above his or her comrades and must have involved risk of life. There must be incontestable proof of the performance of the meritorious conduct, and each recommendation for the award must be considered on the standard of extraordinary merit.

Associated Press Read more from AP: Obama honors soldier killed in battle

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Justice Sotomayor Salsa Dances Too!

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I Live Salsa—A couple days ago we got to see Justice Sotomayor have a little impromptu salsa on the dance floor. Led by Actor Esai Morales, the dance took place during an annual gala hosted by the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts (NHFA). The event was titled Noche Musicál and held at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington DC. Washington Life TV was there to capture the event.

It’s great to watch our politicians (and Supreme Justices) in normal settings. It shows their human side and in this case, gives us a chance to look beyond the brutal confirmation hearings, and see the brilliant Justice Sotomayer relaxed and having fun. She is really good! Not to mention, she is dancing in high-heals on a recently broken ankle. Wow!

But in all honesty, who could turn down a dance with Esai Morales? I mean really… 🙂

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“America Can’t Wait” by Gov. Howard Dean, MD

Gov. Howard Dean, MD

Gov. Howard Dean, MD/DKos—We’re in the final stretch in our campaign for healthcare reform including a public option.

The good news is we’re winning.

I know that sometimes it is hard to tell. After all August was a brutal month filled with right-wing fear mongering and misinformation. Whether led by Glenn Beck, FOX news or Rep. Joe Wilson, too many Americans were told to disrupt Town Halls rather than participate in them. And of course the media covered every moment of it.

But the real story of August is that these scare tactics didn’t work. Support for President Obama’s Healthcare Reform Plan which includes the choice of a public health insurance option has increased since the beginning of August.

This is a testament to the fact that you never gave up. All summer we worked together to make sure Congress got the message that inclusion of a public option in any healthcare reform bill passed this year is non-negotiable. And every time Republicans tried to kill it or the insurance industry claimed it’s already dead, you stood up and proved them wrong.

Now what we keep hearing is that Congress doesn’t have the votes to pass a public option.

Once again, thanks to your help, we have proven them wrong…

We’ve asked everyone in Congress where they stand. At least 218 House and 51 Senate Democrats have said they would vote for the final healthcare bill if it included the choice of a public option rather than vote against the bill and kill reform. That’s means Congress has the majority votes needed to pass a public option — TODAY. You can check out Chris Bower’s post on OpenLeft.com from last night if you want more specifics on the Senate count.

Now is the season for action. The majority of Americans want it. Majority votes in Congress will pass it. Join President Obama in calling on Congress to get the job done this year.


As I said in my message to the members of Democracy for America earlier today, it’s a myth that it takes 60 votes to pass any bill in the U.S. Senate.

It’s a myth because while any Senator can attempt to block most Senate bills with a procedural tactic called the filibuster there are exceptions. Senate rules don’t allow filibusters of certain bills that affect the budget. That’s means the healthcare reform plan including the choice of a public option can be passed in a budget bill by a majority vote in the U.S. Senate.

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**44-Update** Lab Technician Arrested in Death of Yale Student

 Raymond Clark III

Raymond Clark III

A lab technician was arrested early on Thursday and charged in the murder of Annie M. Le, a Yale graduate student whose body was hidden in the wall of a university building after she was strangled, the police in New Haven said.

The technician, Raymond Clark III 24, was taken into custody at a Super 8 motel in Cromwell, Conn., after DNA evidence linked him to Ms. Le’s killing, the police said. He did not resist. Bail was set at $3 million, said Chief James Lewis of the New Haven police.

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Who will replace Sen. Ted Kennedy?

Gov. Deval Patrick and Sen. Ted Kennedy

Gov. Deval Patrick and Sen. Ted Kennedy

As the (Massachusetts) state legislature considers succession, Governor Deval Patrick will be naming an interim Senator. Democratic aides and adviser say the list of possible temporary appointees has included former Gov. Michael Dukakis, former Senator Robert Travaglini and former DNC charman Paul Kirk.

There’s also some speculation that Patrick will give the job to his longtime friend, Harvard Law School Professor Charles Ogletree, or possibly to former Massachusetts Treasurer Shannon O’Brien.

O’Brien says she’s flattered to be mentioned. Dukakis refused to discuss his interest in the job.

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George Takei & Partner Are First Gay Couple On ‘Newlywed Game’

Associated Press

AP/HuffPost—Even as states and jurisdictions made gay and lesbian marriages legal, “The Newlywed Game” has played it straight – until now.

The long-running game show, now on the GSN cable network, said Wednesday it will feature its first gay couple this season on a celebrity edition. George Takei, who played Mr. Sulu on “Star Trek,” will appear with his partner, Brad Altman.

Actor George Takei, right, and Brad Altman arrive for the 81st Academy Awards in the Hollywood section of Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello, file)

Actor George Takei, right, and Brad Altman arrive for the 81st Academy Awards in the Hollywood section of Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello, file)

They just celebrated their first anniversary after being married in Los Angeles last September, but they’re nothing like the giggly young couples the game is known for. Takei and Altman have been together for 22 years.

“What we want is to display the normality and the joy of having a happy union,” Takei said.

“The Newlywed Game” has been on TV off and on since it premiered in prime-time on ABC in 1967, mostly with Bob Eubanks as host. Singer Carnie Wilson is now host of the show, which is in its second season on GSN and done well in the ratings for the network.

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Dan Brown’s ‘The Lost Symbol’ Sells A Million Copies

Associated Press

AP/HuffPost—Dan Brown does it again, on paper and on the screen.

NYT Best-selling Author Dan Brown

NYT Best-selling Author Dan Brown

Doubleday announced Wednesday that “The Lost Symbol,” Brown’s first novel since “The Da Vinci Code,” has already sold more than 1 million copies after being on sale for one day in the United States, Canada and Britain. That total includes preorders for the book, which has been at or near the top of Amazon.com for months.

An additional 600,000 hardcover copies have been ordered, bringing the total print run to 5.6 million copies. “The Lost Symbol” came out Tuesday.

Brown’s book was well short of the all-time debut, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” which in its first day sold more than 8 million copies in the U.S. alone.

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

Doubleday initially said the sales were for hardcover alone, but spokeswoman Suzanne Herz said the number also includes the digital edition, which Doubleday released at the same time despite industry concerns that the standard $9.99 e-book price might hurt sales for the more expensive hardcover.
Thrillers have been especially popular as e-books and no thriller writer is hotter than Dan Brown. Since coming out, “The Lost Symbol” has been the top seller on Amazon.com’s overall list and on its list for books downloaded on Amazon’s e-reader, the Kindle. On Amazon’s list for top thrillers and mystery novels, the Kindle edition was No. 1 as of Wednesday afternoon, followed by the hardcover.

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