President Carter was Right…Man Beats Black Woman At Cracker Barrel in Front of Her 7 Year Old Daughter

Posted by Audiegrl

This just makes me think about what President Carter said last night on NBC about racial hatred. I think that Troy West is a perfect example of that racial mindset, but also the fact that a group of people were willing to give information to the police afterwards, but none of them lifted a finger to help this poor woman and her child. It really makes you wonder… The video of her 7 year-old daughter crying and saying that she thought it was her fault, because she chose that restaurant…it was just heartbreaking…the fact that Tasha going in and out of consciousness trying to tell her assailant that she was with the United States Military, hoping that would stop his fists…to no avail…he didn’t stop beating her, and no one else tried to help stop the beating.

To coin a phrase from the rabid right, ‘this is not the country I grew up in, I want my country back!‘. In my America, people don’t beat down helpless women in front of their small children at local restaurants. In my America, if innocent bystanders or Cracker Barrel management see this atrocity happening, they try to stop it, and subdue the attacker until the police arrived. In my America, soldiers and reservists are held in high regard, regardless of the color of their skin, and should be defended against this sort of hate.

Read the story and watch the video. Then let me know what you think. Is this your America?

CBS/MORROW, Ga. — Morrow police said they arrested a man after he beat up a woman who asked him to “be careful” at a Cracker Barrel restaurant.
Morrow police were called to the Cracker Barrel restaurant on Southlake Plaza Drive in Morrow Sept. 9 at 7:30 p.m.

Upon arrival, officers said they located the female victim and called for EMTs and Fire Department officials to assist. At the same time, the alleged offender in the case, Troy Dale West, of Poulan, Ga. was detained at the scene, police said.

Troy West

Troy West

Police said an investigation revealed that the female victim, identified as Tasha Hill, was entering the Cracker Barrel with her 7-year-old daughter as West was leaving the restaurant. As West was leaving, the exit door came close to striking the 7-year-old daughter of the victim, police said. Hill, by all witness accounts, politely asked West to be careful, officials said.

“The man slung open the door pretty hard and fast and I had to push my daughter out of the way. I turned to the man and I just said, ‘Excuse me sir, you need to watch yourself you almost hit my daughter in the face.’ And from there it just went downhill,” said Hill.

At that point, West became enraged and began to beat the victim in front of her 7-year-old daughter, according to police. Hill said she told West she was an Army servicemember and she did not want any trouble.

West threw her to the ground and hit her in the head with his fists and feet, police said. During the exchange, witnesses said West could be heard screaming racial slurs towards the victim.
“He said, ‘You’re an f****** black (N-word) b****,’ is what he said,” said Hill. “Then he punched me in my face. And I fell to the ground and he proceeded to punch in my head and face.”

Many witnesses stepped up to assist police in the investigation by providing written statements as to the events that transpired. Cracker Barrel was also helpful to police in this investigation, Morrow police said.

This case has been referred to the FBI Civil Rights Division for a possible violation of Federal Hate Crime Laws.

Once officers obtained witness statements on the scene and looked at video surveillance from the Cracker Barrel, West was arrested and charged with battery, disorderly conduct, and cruelty to children in the first degree.

West has bonded out of jail.

Watch the video of Ms. Hill and her daughter Shiyenn, being interviewed.


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14 responses to “President Carter was Right…Man Beats Black Woman At Cracker Barrel in Front of Her 7 Year Old Daughter

  1. N

    Not to say he was right, but I would like to say alot of crap when people do stupid things, but now days you never know what you are going to get. Yeah, he fliped the door open too hard, happend to me many times, but you need to make a judgment call before opening your mouth these days, there are a lot of wacho’s out there of all races that would take it upon themselves to do the same. Something to think about. Again, I dont agree with what he did, just saying think, be pissed, yeah, but if she would have just walked on in she would have had an ok meal. I dont really like the food myself.

    • audiegrl

      Personally, this seems like more than just a average story about some wackjob attacking this woman. The very fact that she was beaten by him while he was hurling N-words at her, tells me quite a bit about his state of mind.

      You will find from reading my past posts that I do not throw around the word ‘racist’ without some information to back that up. I think by using the word too much, it loses it potency and real meaning. So I make sure never to do that.

      What really propelled me to write this diary was when I watched the video of that beautiful little girl crying and saying that she thought that it was all her fault because she chose that restaurant. No child should have to see her mother beaten down like a dog in a public place. Someone should have helped them.

      If you are saying that Ms. Hill brought this all on herself, by asking this man to “please be careful you almost hit my child”, then I disagree with that completely. She asked him in a polite manner, and he responded with curses, racial epitaphs and his fists. That is not right.

      We should be able to defend our children and ask other people to be careful of hurting them. That is a mother’s right. Now if Ms. Hill had said, “watch-out MotherFer, you almost hit my F-ing kid”, then I would say she was rude and in the wrong, but even if she had said that, this man still did not have any right to lay his hands on her.

      If the races had been reversed, and it had been a Black man attacking a White woman and her child, I would feel the same way. Its just not right, and it is more about our humanity, and how we treat our fellow citizens.

  2. betsmeier

    Audie, you are absolutely right. She wasn’t rude to him at all. It is a case where a Mother was protecting her child in a very respectful way.

    It’s too bad that we live in a society where we now have to be careful what we say to strangers.

    • audiegrl

      You’re right Bets. I was so stunned when the story first broke…but that video of that precious little girl crying and blaming herself….that was so powerful and sad to watch

  3. Dee

    Stupid asses, you’re all in denial that it is a racial hate crime.

  4. hershelwellingtoniv

    To quote a gentleman who is far more refined than I, “Can’t we all just learn to get along”.

  5. thelcster

    It should speak volumes to how out of control that man was, when a reservist, a woman trained in self-defense from one of the best militaries in the world, could not defend herself.

    He needs to check himself before he wrecks himself.

  6. Stephen B.

    He owns a business. That means that he is used to bullying people and pushing them around. Ms. Hill is just one more of his victims.

    This isn’t just a case of racism and abuse of women. This is a perfect illustration of how evil the private enterprise system is. Business owners are self-centered narcissists; they would not survive in business if they were not selfish. You do not succeed in business by “being nice” and caring for others. You succeed in business by being ruthless and stepping on other people.

    To him, Ms. Hill is just another of “the little people” (remember Leona Hellmsely) to step on.

    And his actions are just another example of why we need to eventually destroy capitalism.

  7. Bob

    This is no man in my eyes. No real man would ever do something so cowardly. I sm so sad that not one person was willing to step in and do something. We have become a nation of cowards sitting by and expecting Government to do everything for us. Let me assure you, Carter was just trying to whistle a populist toon and people sitting by while this piece of sh#t did this was nothing to do with race. People of all races have become equally pathetic. Read this if you haven’t.

    • audiegrl

      Bob, welcome.

      I agree that he is no man. But, I also agree with President Carter, and I’m grateful that he spoke up, somebody had too. There seems to be a recent pattern in this country to remove the mental filter. You know that filter we all have in our heads, that keeps us from saying what ever we are thinking, before we examine how it might sound? Lately, we have seen what happens when we ignore that filter.

      Its kind of like what our mothers used to tell us, ‘just because you are thinking it, doesn’t mean that you should be saying it’. 🙂

      I guess what I’m really talking about is the lack of civility. Online you see this happening all the time. People feel comfortable in their anonymity on the computer, to say what ever comes to their minds. They say things that they would never dare to say in public.

      For example, after Kanye West stupidly ruined Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech, the social networking site Twitter was overrun with tweets against Kanye using the N-word. Now I would assume that most of those tweeters would not use that word out in public, but they felt comfortable enough behind their computer or blackberry to say what ever the hell they wanted. Just like Kanye felt comfortable to make a mess of things at the VMA’s. Both of those instances are part of a larger problem. Lack of civility to each other.

      BTW, thank you for the story link you provided, I will make sure to post a diary about that tomorrow. 🙂

  8. buellboy

    I actually had to wait a while before I posted. A very sad and disturbing story to say the least .Having visited our local Cracker Barrel many times– I know very well the little 4×4 area where that poor woman was trapped and was savagely brutalized . No place to run or hide. Ironically I’m the same height and build as this nutbag. Can’t imagine wanting to pound on someone half my size. Obviously this POS has major issues and maybe some time away at a federal run resort will help.

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