Nunn Charged In Murder Of Ex-Fiancée

Steve Nunn, booking photo

Steve Nunn, booking photo

TPMMuckraker—Steve Nunn, the Kentucky Republican former gubernatorial candidate and state lawmaker, has been charged in the murder of his former fiancée Amanda Ross.

As we told you Friday, Nunn was found with a gun and slit wrists in the cemetery where his parents are buried, hours after Ross — with whom he had had a tumultuous and violent relationship — was found shot to death in the parking lot of her Lexington apartment.

Nunn had spent the weekend in the hospital, before being taken yesterday morning to the Hart County jail. He had earlier been charged with violating the terms of a protective order obtained by Ross by carrying the gun, and with endangering a police officer by firing it after cops showed up at the cemetery.

The murder charges are contained in an arrest warrant obtained by Lexington police yesterday evening.

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One response to “Nunn Charged In Murder Of Ex-Fiancée

  1. audiegrl

    Nunn told police on Friday, hours after Ross was shot, that he “was at the end of his rope and wanted revenge.”

    What an awful waste.

    Each time I read about a murder/suicide or family annihilator murder, it seems like if the killer wanted to end his life, they should just do it. And leave the other people alone.

    I know this is a simplistic view, but think how many lives it would save.

    This guy really didn’t want to end his life, he just wanted to end poor Amanda’s life and make sure that if he couldn’t have her, then nobody would.

    If there was a picture in the dictionary by the word ‘Coward’, it should be of this douche bag.

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