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FACT CHECK: Health coverage for illegal immigrants

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By ERICA WERNER, Associated Press Writer – Thu Sep 10, 6:00 pm ET

“Rep. Joe Wilson is wrong.”

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Okay, Just What is the Public Option ‘Trigger’ ?? (and how does it work?)

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by Holly Bailey— “It’s an idea that was first floated by GOP Sen. Olympia Snowe, one of the few Republicans who has continued to actively negotiate with the White House on a health-care-reform compromise. The idea is to give insurance companies a set period to make changes that would bring down long-term costs and help cover more people. If the industry didn’t meet the goal, it would trigger a so-called public insurance option to put pressure on companies to make those changes. Still up for debate: what that defined period would be. Would it be two years? Would it be five years? Those details haven’t been nailed down…”

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Glenn Beck: Stop the Insanity

Glenn Beck on Clusterfox

Glenn Beck on Clusterfox

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Josh Silver/Huffington Post—Looking back, it’s hard to believe that Father Charles Coughlin’s hate speeches were broadcast into millions of homes during the 1930s. Coughlin’s anti-Semitic rants incited prejudice and violence. Now, in the Internet age, it seems positively antiquated that one person could have such a powerful soapbox to engage in fear-mongering and hate speech.

In fact, it seems insane.

We would never stand for that today, right? So why do our media continue to resemble the hate radio of decades past? How did it happen that just a few media pundits can disseminate such vitriol and misinformation into millions of homes, and — worse — cast it as real news?

Father Charles Coughlin

Father Charles Coughlin

Father Coughlin must be dancing in his grave. His model for using the media to manipulate the American people through fear and division lives on in the form of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly and other extremists that propagandize millions of Americans daily. And unlike Coughlin, these guys have powerful corporations to back them up.


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Man with Shotgun Arrested Near Capitol During Obama’s Speech

NBC—A man was arrested Wednesday night for having a shotgun near the U.S. Capitol at the time of President Barack Obama’s speech to Congress, according to Capitol Police.

The incident happened in the 300 block of First Street SE at about 8 p.m. — just as the president had started his health care reform speech on Capitol Hill.

Joshua Bowman, 28, of Falls Church, Va., admitted to having a shotgun and ammunition in the trunk of his car after officers saw a gun case during a search, police said. Police said Bowman tried to enter a street that was barricaded from the public, which led to the search of his vehicle.

Bowman was arrested and charged with an unregistered firearm and ammunition.

He is expected to be arraigned Thursday in D.C. Superior Court.

From The Hill: While the arrest was made by Capitol Police officers, the department was working in conjunction with U.S. Secret Service on Wednesday night as members of the White House and nearly the full body of Congress attended Obama’s speech.

***44D Update: A shotgun, rifle and 500 rounds of ammunition were found in Bowman’s trunk, said Erica Stanley, a spokeswoman for the District of Columbia mayor’s office.


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Wilson’s rallying (lie) cry — A turning point?

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Glenn Thrush – Thu Sep 10, 12:44 am ET
All eyes were on Barack Obama entering Wednesday night’s address to Congress, but a little-known South Carolina Republican may have done more than the president’s combative speech to unify besieged Democrats around health care reform.

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Breach of Discipline
“Major General Paul D. Eaton

Retired Colonel (Representative) Joe Wilson’s conduct last night is a breach of military protocol and represents a further departure from the historic good order and discipline I expected, in the past, to see from the GOP, pre-conservative talk show entertainers. Recent GOP performers have proven embarrassing to the New Republican Party.

As a retired Soldier I expect better from our Soldiers, to include South Carolina National Guardsmen. But, those rallying in the blogosphere to Wilson’s defense claim that he has reason ‘to be stressed out’ because he has children in the military. Interesting defense….”
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Wilson’s Congressional Opponent (Rob Miller D-SC) Raises $100,000 From Outburst   **now up to: $153,150 $188,076 $212,758 $284,557$321,502 $383,126 $434,870 $517,124 $595,224 $647,802 $806,024 Raised**


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