Hoping for Audacity

posted by BetsMeier

Paul Krugman had an article today in the New York Times that I hope Obama read. You know I’m not so sure that President Obama has gotten good advice from his advisers, although I noticed as of yesterday they were all pretty fired up and no longer making “wishy washy” statements. In fact when I say Gibbs yesterday he really looked angry. They can’t afford to allow the conservatives to get the upper hand and I fear that is what has been going on.
I believe that Paul Krugman wants nothing more than to see Obama succeed.

Paul Krugman:

President Obama will give his big health-care speech tomorrow. Let’s hope he does it right.

What does that mean? It means not playing professor; it means not having the speech read as if it were written by a committee (like that woefully weak op-ed in the Times a couple of weeks back); it means showing real passion about health care, which has been sadly lacking so far.

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  1. I’m not a big fan of Prof. Krugman but I can’t disagree with him here…

    I will say this: when did he transition from Nobel Economist to paid political commentator?

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